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Artificial Life and Robotics Volume 27

Number1 - February 2022

Original Articles

Comparison of noncontact camera-based methods for measuring pulse-rate of awake infants
K. Ogawa-Ochiai*, T. Kiyokawa, K. Kiyomitsu, R. Bednarik, Y. Mitani, N. Tsumura1
Spectral-based estimation of components concentration in skin tissue layers with independence of shading via optical modeling of skin tissue
K. Iuchi*, T. Igarashi, N. Ojima, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura9
Continuous estimation of emotional change using multimodal responses from remotely measured biological information
T. Nagasawa*, K. Masui, H. Doi, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura19
Creating a visualization system for changes in facial shape and color
R. Koike*, I. Nomura, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura, N. Rikihisa29
Development of telemedicine tools with an emphasis on visual observation
M. Takahashi*, R. Koike, K. Nagasawa, Y. Manabe, H. Hirana, M. Takamura, T. Hongawa, I. Kimoto, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura38
Portable measurement device to quantitatively measure capillary refilling time
M. Shinozaki*, R. Shimizu, D. Saito, T. Nakata, T. Nakaguchi48
Radiodermatitis grade estimation by RGB color imaging
I. Verdugo-Naranjo, A.C. Hamamura, G.V. Arruda, G.C. Cardoso*, J.F. Pavoni 58
Assessing the effects of Kampo medicine on human skin texture and microcirculation
H. Li*, T. Yoshizaki, L. Liang, M. Iwahashi, A. Kawahara, A. Shirai, J. Arimitsu, M. Ito, N. Tsumura, K. Ogawa-Ochiai 64
Automatic measurement of choroidal thickness and vasculature in optical coherence tomography images of eyes with retinitis pigmentosa
T.T. Khaing, T. Okamoto*, C. Ye, Md. A. Mannan, G. Miura, H. Yokouchi, K. Nakano, P. Aimmanee, S.S. Makhanov, H. Haneichi 70
Estimation of blood concentration at different skin depths using a spectroscopic camera
M. Lin, K. Iuchi*, K. Ono, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura80
Motion and force control with a linear force error filter for the manipulator of an underwater vehicle-manipulator system
Y. Taira*, S. Sagara, M. Oya90
An evaluation of fluidics for tsunamis in pedestrian's flood evacuations
Y. Hirokawa*, D. Matsuoka, N. Nishikawa, T. Asano107
A survey of 3D object detection algorithms for intelligent vehicles development
Z. Li*, Y. Du, M. Zhu, S. Zhou, L. Zhang115
Evaluation of the effects of food intake on task engagement based on psychophysiological states
N. Kurogi*, K. Sakiyama, S. Tominaga, Y. Toyama, K. Nagumo, K. Oiwa, A. Nozawa123
Using sim-to-real transfer learning to close gaps between simulation and real environments through reinforcement learning
Y. Ushida*, H. Razan, S. Ishizuya, T. Sakuma, S. Kato130
A hierarchical training method of generating collective foraging behavior for a robotic swarm
B. Jin*, Y. Liang, Z. Han, M. Hiraga, K. Ohkura137
Optimization of urban logistics terminal distribution based on cellular automaton model
C. Cui*, Q. Xu142
A new method to estimate the pose of an arbitrary 3D object without prerequisite knowledge: projection-based 3D perception
Y. Kou*, Y. Toda, M. Minami149
Optimal trajectory generation of a drone for wheelchair tracking using mixed-integer programming
S. Watanabe*, M. Mukai159
Stereo-vision-based AUV navigation system for resetting the inertial navigation system error
H. Y. Hsu*, Y. Toda, K. Yamashita, K. Watanabe, S. Sasano, A. Okamoto, S. Inaba, M. Minami 165

Number2 - May 2022 --- Swarm Special Issue

Invited Articles

Entropy, symmetry, and the difficulty of self-replication
G.S. Chirikjian181
Studying feral horse behavior from the sky
S. Hirata196
Understanding of superorganisms: collective behavior, differentiation and social organization
T. Miura, K. Oguchi, H. Yamaguchi, M. Nakamura, D. Sato, K. Kobayashi, N. Kutsukake, K. Miura, Y. Hayashi, M. Hojo, K. Maekawa, S. Shigenobu, T. Kano, A. Ishiguro204

Original Articles

Application of neural ordinary differential equations to the prediction of multi-agent systems
S. Herzog*, F. Wörgötter 213
Emergent ordering of microswimmers in smectic liquid crystals
C. C. Lakey, M. S. Turner*218
Swarm robots using Lévy walk based on nonlinear dynamics for target exploration
Y. Katada*, K. Yamashita 226
Multimodal optimization by particle swarm optimization with graph-based speciation using β -relaxed relative neighborhood graph and seed-centered mutation
T. Takahama*, S. Sakai 236
Frequency response of swarm deformation with control barrier function
Y. Origane*, Y. Hattori, D. Kurabayashi 248
Port-controlled Hamiltonian based control of snake robots
R. Ariizumi*, Y. Imagawa, T. Asai, S. Azuma 255
Stochastic behaviours for retrieval of storage items using simulated robot swarms
E. Milner*, M. Sooriyabandara, S. Hauert 264
A customizable, low-cost alternative for distributed 2D flow sensing in swarms
J. A. Defay, J. M. Peters*, K. H. Petersen 272
Automated entrance monitoring of managed bumble bees
J. Du, Z. Brothers, L. Valdes, N. Napp, K. Petersen* 278
Robustness of collective scenting in the presence of physical obstacles
D. M. T. Nguyen*, G. G. Fard, M. L. Iuzzolino, O. Peleg286
Survivor searching in a dynamically changing flood zone by multiple unmanned aerial vehicles
K. Asami*, Y. Bai, M. Svinin, M. Hatayama 292
Gait design and experimental validation of a snake robot on a pipe with branches using spiral stairs function
M. Nakajima*, Q. Cheng, M. Tanaka 300
Multi-level instrumentation of bivouac thermoregulation: current methods and future directions
K. M. Baudier, T. P. Pavlic*308
Head trajectory tracking control of an extendable snake-like robot
K. Harada*, R. Ariizumi, M. Tanaka, T. Asai, S. Azuma316
Topology and weight evolving artificial neural networks in cooperative transport by a robotic swarm
M. Hiraga*, K. Ohkura 324
Evolving collective step-climbing behavior in multi-legged robotic swarm
D. Morimoto*, M. Hiraga, N. Shiozaki, K. Ohkura, M. Munetomo333
Joint failure recovery for snake robot locomotion using a shape-based approach
B. A. Elsayed*, T. Takemori, F. Matsuno 341
Crafting a robotic swarm pursuit–evasion capture strategy using deep reinforcement learning
C. H. Wu, D. A. Sofge, D. M. Lofaro* 355
Collective transport of arbitrarily shaped objects using robot swarms
M. Jurt*, E. Milner, M. Sooriyabandara, S. Hauert 365
Dynamic patterns formed by heterogeneous boid model composed of agent groups moving reversely
M. Nakamura*373
Modeling, control and analysis of semicircular-footed bipedal robot with entrainment effect
C. Yan*, F. Asano, L. Li 384
Beyond tracking: using deep learning to discover novel interactions in biological swarms
T. Choi*, B. Pyenson, J. Liebig, T. P. Pavlic 393
Long-term tracking and quantification of individual behavior in bumble bee colonies
M. A.-Y. Smith*, A. Easton-Calabria, T. Zhang, S. Zmyslony, J. Thuma, K. Cronin, C. L. Pasadyn, B. L. de Bivort 401
Augmented reality for human–swarm interaction in a swarm-robotic chemistry simulation
S. Batra*, J. Klingner, N. Correll 407
Herd guidance by multiple sheepdog agents with repulsive force
M. Kubo*, M. Tashiro, H. Sato, A. Yamaguchi 416

Number3 - August 2022

Invited Article

Biomorphic robot controls: event driven model free deep SNNs for complex visuomotor tasks
R. Dillmann, A. Rönnau429

Original Articles

A simple model analysis of a space exploration rover’s mobility against variance of gravity and movement speed
K. Tsujita*441
Animacy perception of a pair of movements under quantitative control of its temporal contingency: a preliminary study
T. Torii*, K. Oguma. S. Hidaka 448
Background scrolling in high-level synthesis oriented game programing library
K. Lee, A. Yamawaki* 455
Proposal for a blockchain based agricultural input voucher system
I.G. Tende, K. Aburada*, H. Yamaba, T. Katayama, N. Okazaki 461
Simulation for labor market using a multi-agent model toward validation of the Amended Labor Contract Act
M. Nakamura*, S. Hagiwara, R. Matoba 472
Dynamic simulation of non-programmed gait generation of quadruped robot
Y. Takei*, R. Tazawa, T. Kaimai, K. Morishita, K. Saito480
An analysis of expansion and reduction speeds of traffic jams on graph exploration
Y. Mochizuki*, K. Sawada 487
Generation of virtual creatures under multidisciplinary biological premises
biological premises R. Mercado*, V. Mun̄oz-Jiménez, M. Ramos, F. Ramos495
Trajectory generation for balloon robot using time-state control form extended to three dimensions space
Y. Kataoka, M. Uchida* 506
Study on the formulation of vehicle merging problems for model predictive control
Y. Kishi, W. Cao, M. Mukai* 513
Improved rollover prevention controller for heavy vehicles with varying velocity and values of vehicle parameters
S. Miyamoto, M. Oya* 521
Motion planning in dynamic environment using maneuverability maps
G. Waizman*, S. Shoval, I. Benenson 528
Development of a real camera system with high-level synthesised hardware of median-based dynamic background subtraction
K. Shinyamada, A. Yamawaki* 541
Development of a hyper CLS data-based robotic interface for automation of production-line tasks using an articulated robot arm
K. Miki, F. Nagata*, K. Furuta, K. Arima, T. Shimizu, T. Ikeda, H. Kato, K. Watanabe, M. K. Habib 547
Development of a general purpose verification environment for high-level-synthesis image processing hardware with support for dynamic partial reconfiguration
A. Shojima A. Yamawaki* 554
Research on motion trajectory planning of the robotic arm of a robot
Xi. Miao*, H. Fu, X. Song 561
Higher accuracy self-supervised visual odometry with reliable projection
S. Zhou*, Z. Yang, M. Zhu, H. Li, S. Serikawa, M. Mizumachi, L. Zhang 568
Infusing common-sensical prior knowledge into topological representations of learning robots
K. Ogawa, P. Hartono* 576
Regularizing self-attention on vision transformers with 2D spatial distance loss
L. H. Mormille*, C. Broni-Bediako, M. Atsumi 586
Multi-objective deep inverse reinforcement learning for weight estimation of objectives
N. Takayama*, S. Arai 594
Trajectory tracking simulation of a dual-wheeled robot running on slippery surfaces
A. Ishibashi*, Y. Ohtsubo, K. Ioi, H. Yano603

Number4 - November 2022 --- Swarm Special Issue

Invited Articles

e-ASIA Joint Research Program: development of an international collaborative informational system for emergency situations management of flood and land slide disaster areas
E. Magid, F. Matsuno, J. Suthakorn, M. Svinin, Y. Bai, T. Tsoy, R. Safin, R. Lavrenov, A. Zakiev, H. Nakanishi, M. Hatayama, T. Endo613

Original Articles

Automatic robot design inspired by evolution of vertebrates
R. Koike*, R. Ariizumi, F. Matsuno 624
Information transport in communication limited swarms
J. Wilson*, S. Hauert 632
Perception and recognition of a visual landmark on ant foraging
T. Sakiyama*640
A self-healing method for soft robots mimicking blood coagulation in creatures
A. Uchino, M. Matsumoto* 644
Largest coverage network in a robot swarm using reinforcement learning
D. S. Ibrahim*, A. Vardy 652
An implementation of a Physarum polycephalum model on a swarm of non-holonomic robots
H. R. Chance*, D. M. Lofaro, D. Sofge 663
Gel Biter: food texture discriminator based on physical reservoir computing with multiple soft materials
K. Hirose*, I. Sudo, J. Ogawa, Y. Watanabe, M. D. N. I. Shiblee, A. Khosla, M. Kawakami, H. Furukawa674
Posture control of tensegrity manipulator based on kinematic model using kernel ridge regression
Y. Yoshimitsu*, K. Tsukamoto, S. Ikemoto684
Analytical and simulational approaches to the relation between the stock market liquidity and the traders’ utility
S. Nagumo*, S. Ichiki, T. Shimada 691
Development of a behavioral trajectory measurement system (Bucket-ANTAM) for organisms moving in a two-dimensional plane
K. Shirai, K. Shimamura, A. Koubara, S. Shigaki, R. Fujisawa* 698
Walking experiments of small and lightweight rimless wheel robot
Y. Hanazawa*, H. Nishinami, S. Sagara 706
Guidance by multiple sheepdogs including abnormalities
M. Tashiro, M. Kubo*, H. Sato, A. Yamaguchi714
Analysis of trade-off between network connectivity robustness versus coverage area of networked multi-robot system
T. Murayama*726
Modeling and experimental validation for ceiling wall effect on aerodynamic characteristics of a rotor
H. Nakanishi*, S. Kanata, R. Goto, T. Shimomura 734
Effect of interaction network structure in a response threshold model
M. Shiraishi*, O. Yamanaka, H. Nishimori743
Generating collective behavior of a multi-legged robotic swarm using an evolutionary robotics approach
D. Morimoto*, M. Hiraga, N. Shiozaki, K. Ohkura, M. Munetomo751
Improving generative adversarial network with multiple generators by evolutionary algorithms
Y. Liang*, Z. Han, X. Nie, K. Ohkura761
Evaluation of turn alternation in pill bugs using omnidirectional motion compensator ANTAM
K. Fukai, Y. Ogai, S. Shinohara, T. Moriyama*770
Beyond anthropomorphising robot motion and towards robot-specific motion: consideration of the potential of artist—dancers in research on robotic motion
N. Abe*777
Development of a robust Wi-Fi/4G-based ROS communication platform for an assembly and repair mobile robot with reliable behavior under unstable network or connection failure
E. Poberezkin, H. Roozbahani*, M. Alizadeh, H. Handroos786
Ensemble method using real images, metadata and synthetic images for control of class imbalance in classification
R. Aloo*, A. Mutoh, K. Moriyama, T. Matsui, N. Inuzuka796
Visualization and location estimation of defective parts of industrial products using convolutional autoencoder
K. Arima, F. Nagata*, T. Shimizu, K. Miki, H. Kato, A. Otuka, K. Watanabe804
A new active suspension control scheme for vehicles considering steering stability
Y. Wang, M. Oya*, Y. Taira 812
Lane change algorithm using rule-based control method based on look-ahead concept for the scenario when emergency vehicle approaching
W. Cao*, H. Zhao 818
Real-time obstacle detection in a darkroom using a monocular camera and a line laser
S. Akamine, S. Totoki, T. Itami*, J. Yoneyama828
URARAKA VI: multi-legged robot with suckers to climb walls and pipes
K. Ito*, K. Yoshizawa 834
Development of a measurement system for gas-autonomous surface vehicle to map marine obstacles using stereo depth and LiDAR cameras
K. Gideon*, M. Makoto, S. Fujii, S. Ono, J. Fromager, S. Yu, K. Yoshimura, J. Tahara842
Model predictive control for mobile manipulators considering the mobility range and accuracy of each mechanism
K. Misawa, F. Xu, K. Sekiguchi, K. Nonaka*855
Haptic shared control applied for ROV operation support in flowing water
N. Sakagami*, M. Suka, Y. Kimura, E. Sato, T. Wada867
Connectivity maintenance for robotic swarms by distributed role switching algorithm
K. Kobayashi*, T. Higuchi, S. Ueno 876
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