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Artificial Life and Robotics Volume 28

Number1 - February 2023

Special Feature 1
Bio-Complexity: Original Articles

Honey bees find the shortest path: a collective flow-mediated approach
D. M. T. Nguyen*, G. G. Fard, A. Atkins, P. Bontempo, M. L. Iuzzolino, O. Peleg 1
The weakest stability theory for stochastic momentum equation: revealing the sizes in biological and abiological particles
T. Kobayashi*, Ken Naitoh 8
Generalized multiplicative stochastic processes arising from one-dimensional maps with noise
T. Haruna*, K. Nakajima 15
Numerical study of the correlation between fish school arrangement and propulsive performance
K. Yoshida, Y. Ogata*, S. Hirai, K. Hosotani21

Special Feature 2
Swarm Behavior and Bio-Inspired Robotics: Original Articles

Behavior analysis of emergent rule discovery for cooperative automated driving using deep reinforcement learning
T. Harada, J. Matsuoka, K. Hattori* 31
Hotspot analysis of COVID-19 infection using mobile-phone location data
Y. Kimura, T. Seki, S. Miyata, Y. Arai, T. Murata*, H. Inoue. N. Ito 43
Experimental investigation of distributed navigation and collision avoidance for a robotic swarm
T. Shibuya*, T. Endo, F. Matsuno 50
Comparison of metrics for measuring Wikipedia ecology: characteristics of self-consistent metrics for editor scatteredness and article complexity
F. Ogushi*, T. Shimada 62
Generating collective wall-jumping behavior for a robotic swarm with self-teaching automatic curriculum learning
X. Nie*, Y. Liang, Z. Han, K. Ohkura67

Journal Track: Original Articles

Growing neural gas based navigation system in unknown terrain environment for an autonomous mobile robot
Y. Toda*, K. Ozasa,T. Matsuno 76
Pig weight prediction system using RGB-D sensor and AR glasses: analysis method with free camera capture direction
K. Kawasue*, P. P. Wai, K. D. Win, G. Lee, Y. Iki 89
Soft manipulator inspired by octopi: object grasping in all anatomical planes using a tendon-driven continuum arm
K. Bezha*, K. Ito 96
Introducing inductive bias on vision transformers through Gram matrix similarity based regularization
L. H. Mormille*, C. Broni-Bediako, M. Atsumi 106
The swarm within the labyrinth: planar construction by a robot swarm
A. Vardy*117
Deep MAnTra: deep learning-based multi-animal tracking for Japanese macaques
R. R. Pineda*, T. Kubo, M.0 Shimada, K. Ikeda127
Echo state networks for embodied evolution in robotic swarms
M. Hiraga*, Y. Katada, K. Ohkura 139
Learning shared embedding representation of motion and text using contrastive learning
J. Horie*, W. Noguchi, H. Iizuka, M. Yamamoto148
Autonomous highway driving using reinforcement learning with safety check system based on time-to-collision
X. Nie*, Y. Liang, K. Ohkura 158
Distraction detection of lectures in e-learning using machine learning based on human facial features and postural information
I. Betto*, R. Hatano, H. Nishiyama 166
Detection of abnormal fish by image recognition using fine-tuning
R. Okawa*, N. Iwasaki, K. Okamoto, D. Marsh175
Investigating the influence of survival selection and fitness estimation method in genotype-based surrogate-assisted genetic programming
T. Harada*, S. Kino, R. Thawonmas 181
Development of neural networks integrated circuit driving electrostatic motors for microrobot
H. Takayanagi, R. Enosawa, S. Furuya, K. Morishita, K. Saito*192
Optimal assignment method for mobile assistive robots using matching theory
N. Shimada, W. Cao*, Y. Zhang 199
Active sensing control improving SLAM accuracy for a vehicle robot
K. Sekiguchi*, S. Wada, K. Nonaka 208
GPS-based location and path tracking in automatic driving system in a fixed route using fusion algorithm
Y. Dong*, S. Tateno, H. Ogai, Y. Wang, S. Zhang, Y. Wu217
Interactive system for optimal position selection of a patch-type R–R interval telemeter
A. Noguchi*, T.Takano, K. Fujiwara, M. Miyajima, T. Yamakawa226
Control system for automatic search and transportation of an object by a mobile robot with obstacle avoidance function
Y. Matsuda, Y. Wada, T. Sugi, S. Goto, N. Egashira236
Learning-based algorithms with application to urban scene autonomous driving
S. Zhang*, Y. Wu, Y. Wang, Y. Dong, H. Ogai, S. Tateno244
Human-centered design of a wearable kinesthetic haptic device for surgical teleoperation
F. Shabani*, S. Nisar, F. Matsuno 253
Simulating dual-arm robot motions to avoid collision by rigid body dynamics for laboratory bench work
Y. Ueno*, N. Miyata, N. Yamanobe, S. Adachi, T. Mitsuyama264

Number2 - May 2023

Invited Articles

Human-agent interaction as augmentation of social intelligence
H. Osawa273
From rigid to soft to biological robots
How new materials are driving advances in the study of the embodied cognition
J. Bongard282

Journal Track: Original Articles

Self-generation of reward by logarithmic transformation of multiple sensor evaluations
Y. Ono, K. Kurashige*, A.A.B.M.N. Hakim, Y. Sakamoto287
Learning to mimic programmers gaze behavior for program comprehension improvement
J. Barthélemy*, T. Kubo, T. D. Itoh, K. Ikeda, K. Ikeda 295

Original Articles

Performance comparison of deep learning architectures for surgical instrument image removal in gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging
T. Watanabe, K. Tanioka, S. Hiwa, T. Hiroyasu* 307
Point cloud data map creation from factory design drawing for LiDAR localization of an autonomous mobile robot
R. Kaneko, Y. Nakamura, R. Morita, S. Ito*314
Effect of display of YOLO’s object recognition results to HMD for an operator controlling a mobile robot
Y. Sasaki*, T. Kamegawa, A. Gofuku323
Smart voice recognition based on deep learning for depression diagnosis
S. Suparatpinyo, N. Soonthornphisaj*332
Supervised vehicle trajectory prediction using orthogonal image map for urban automated driving
K. Yoneda*, A. Kinoshita, Y. Takahashi, T. Okuno, L. Cao, N. Suganuma343
3D reconstruction considering calculation time reduction for linear trajectory shooting and accuracy verification with simulator
K. Nakamura*, T. Hanari, K. Kawabata, K. Baba352
Constellation identification method using point set data
S*. Nadamoto, N. Mori, M. Okada 361
Traffic information interpolation method based on traffic flow emergence using swarm intelligence
S. Suga*, R. Fujimori, Y. Yamada, F. Ihara, D. Takamura, K. Hayashi, S. Kurihara367
Attempt to extract features and classify subjective poor physical conditions in facial images using deep metric learning
T. Hattori, K. Nagumo, K. Oiwa, A. Nozawa*381
Negative emotion recognition using multimodal physiological signals for advanced driver assistance systems
C. Hieida*, T. Yamamoto, T. Kubo, J. Yoshimoto, K. Ikeda388
Optimization of facial skin temperature-based anomaly detection model considering diurnal variation
M. Takano, Y. Iwashita, K. Nagumo, K. Oiwa, A. Nozawa*394
Development of an epileptic seizure prediction algorithm using R–R intervals with self-attentive autoencoder
R. Ode, K. Fujiwara*, M. Miyajima, T. Yamakawa, M. Kano, K. Jin, N. Nakasato, Y. Sawai, T. Hoshida, M. Iwasaki, Y. Murata, S. Watanabe, 403
Market prediction using machine learning based on social media specific features
S. Sekioka*, R. Hatano, H. Nishiyama 410
Development of robust braking controller for autonomous vehicles to achieve any ride comfort performance
H. Komura*, M. Oya 418
Evaluation of writing motion using principal component analysis and scaling analysis
K. Hayashi, M. Uchida*425
Polygonal obstacle avoidance method for swarm robots via fluid dynamics
S. Shibahara, K. Sawada* 435
Underwater autonomous grasping robot based on multi-stage Cascade DetNet
Y. Zhang*, C. Zhang, B. Li, Y. Hu, B. Yin448
Automatic detection and visualization system for coronary artery calcification using optical frequency domain imaging
R. Oikawa*, A. Doi, M. Ishida, B. Chakraborty460
Map building using helmet-mounted LiDAR for micro-mobility
I. Yoshida, A. Yoshida, M. Hashimoto*, K. Takahashi471

Number3 - August 2023

Journal Track: Original Articles

Engineering a data processing pipeline for an ultra-lightweight lensless fluorescence imaging device with neuronal-cluster resolution
Z. Yu, M. C. S. G. Guinto, B. G. S. Lim, R. R. P. Tan*, J. Yoshimoto, K. Ikeda, Y. Ohta, J. Ohta 483

Original Articles

Real-time monitoring of elderly people through computer vision
A. Ravankar*, A. Rawankar, A. A. Ravankar 496
Video stabilization algorithm for field robots in uneven terrain
A. Ravankar*, A. Rawankar, A. A. Ravankar502
Detecting deception using machine learning with facial expressions and pulse rate
K. Tsuchiya, R. Hatano, H. Nishiyama*509
Estimation of habit-related information from male voice data using machine learning-based methods
T. Yokoo, R. Hatano, H. Nishiyama* 520
Six-legged crawling soft robot: NOBIYAKA
S. Yamashita*, K. Ito 530
Various gait pattern generation and analysis of semi-passive quadruped walker with telescopic knee based on phase oscillator
S. Miwa*, T. Kinugasa, K. Oba, T. Ishihara, J. Zhang, R. Hayashi, K. Yoshida540
An investigation of software describing methods to design dual background scrolling hardware in high-level synthesis
K. Lee, A. Yamawaki* 547
Development of a person-following robotic assist walker with compliant-control arbitrated role-switching
W. L. Yeoh*, R. Miyata, O. Fukuda, N. Yamaguchi, H. Okumura553
Attention-based neural network with Generalized Mean Pooling for cross-view geo-localization between UAV and satellite
D. V. Bui*, M. Kubo, H. Sato 560
Automatic parameter learning method for agent activation spreading network by evolutionary computation
D. Shimokawa*, N. Yoshida, S. Koyama, S. Kurihara571
Route planning algorithm based on dynamic programming for electric vehicles delivering electric power to a region isolated from power grid
Y. Zhang, W. Cao*, H. Zhao, S. Gao583
Analysis of negative phototaxis in the pill bug (Armadillidium vulgare) using omnidirectional servosphere
A. Koubara, K. Shirai, K. Shimamura, S. Shigaki, R. Fujisawa*591
Pain scores estimation using surgical pleth index and long short-term memory neural networks
O. M. T. Abdel Deen, W.-H. Jean, S.-Z. Fan, M. F. Abbod, J.-S. Shieh*600
MORI-A CPS: 3D printed soft actuators with 4D assembly simulation
S. Abe*, J. Ogawa, Y. Watanabe, M. N. I. Shiblee, M. Kawakami, H. Furukawa609
Experimental verification of the wavelet-based surface modeling method considering wear progression process
A. Otsuka*, R. Hama, F. Nagata 618
Improvements of detection accuracy and its confidence of defective areas by YOLOv2 using a data set augmentation method
K. Arima, F. Nagata*, T. Shimizu, A. Otsuka, H. Kato, K. Watanabe, M. K. Habib625
Fuzzy controller for AUV robots based on machine learning and genetic algorithm
T. Yamada, H. Kinjo*, K. Nakazono, N. Oshiro, E. Uezato632
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