Artificial Life and Robotics Volume 26

Number1 - February 2020

Original Articles

Investigation of training performance of convolutional neural networks evolved by genetic algorithms using an activity function
J.I. Betere*, H. Kinjo, K. Nakazono, N. Oshiro1
Characteristics of fractal cellular automata constructed from linear rules
Y. Kayama*8
Evaluation of task difficulty based on fluctuation characteristics in writing task
K. Tanaka, K. Arai, M. Uchida*17
The large-scale parallelization of the Boids model on the K computer and the heterogeneous multi-processing unit
Y. Hirokawa*, M. Terai, T. Matsuzawa, N. Nishikawa, T. Asano24
Reproduction of human dynamic stability in cooperation with human controller model
Y. Yamanaka*, S. Matsumoto, K. Yoshida30
Improving controller performance for modeling two-person artificial wrestling by underestimating basins of attraction
K. Yoshida*, Y. Yamanaka38
Relationship between mechanisms of blood pressure change and facial skin temperature distribution
N. Nakane*, K. Oiwa, A. Nozawa48
A design of EPIC type processor based on MIPS architecture
T. Hayashi*, A. Kanasugi59
A construction of simple and smaller-state real-time generator for exponential sequences
N. Kamikawa*, H. Umeo64
Constructing observational learning agents using self-organizing maps
N. Manome*, S. Shinohara, K. Suzuki, Y. Chen, S. Mitsuyoshi73
A study of a gravity compensation system for the spacecraft prototype test by using multi-robot system
A. Nakayama, T. Hirata, K. Tsujita*81
Energy-saving trajectory planning for robots using the genetic algorithm with assistant chromosomes
Y. Yokose*89
3-D shape recognitions of target objects for stacked rubble withdrawal works performed by rescue robots
M. Hatano*, T. Fujii94
Deformable tensegrity structure underwater robot with a transformation mechanism
M. Shibata*, N. Sakagami100
A motion imitation system for humanoid robots with inference-based optimization and an auditory user interface
H. Itoh, N. Ihara*, H. Fukumoto, H. Wakuya106
Relationship between sexual attractiveness and heart rate variability in heterosexual men observing photos and self-introduction movies of women
N. Ikisawa*, R. Mitsuhashi, S. Yamamoto, N. Tsumura116
Complexity of bird song caused by adversarial imitation learning
S. Yamazaki*, H. Iizuka, M. Yamamoto124
Model-based motion control for underwater vehicle-manipulator systems with one of the three types of servo subsystems
Y. Taira*, S. Sagara, M. Oya133
The effects of population size and information update rates on the emergent patterns of cooperative clusters in a large-scale social particle swarm model
Z. Elhamer*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita149
Improved analysis for skin color separation based on independent component analysis
S. Tanaka*, N. Tsumura159
Flexible manipulator inspired by octopi: advantages of the pulling mechanism
K. Ito*, T. Mukai167