Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume24 - 2019

Number1 - March 2019

Bio-Color Special Feature: Original Articles
Optical examination of the effi cacy of contact needle therapy for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: integration of inspection in Kampo therapy with color spectrum information
K. Ogawa-Ochiai*, A. Shirai, M. Tsuda, N. Tsumura1
Noncontact heart rate measurement using a high-sensitivity camera in a low-light environment
G. Okada*, R. Mitsuhashi, K. Kagawa, S. Kawahito, N. Tsumura6
Image-based measurement of changes to skin texture using piloerection for emotion estimation
M. Uchida*, R. Akaho, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura12
Effect of acupuncture on the autonomic nervous system as evaluated by non-contact heart rate variability measurement
K. Kurita*, K. Kiyomitsu, C. Ogasawara, R. Mishima, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, N. Tsumura19
Development of an estimation system based on the relationship between plant genetic resource images and environmental information for the collection point
M. Takeya*, F. Yamasaki24
Effectiveness of color correction on the quantitative analysis of histopathological images acquired by different whole-slide scanners
M.A. Aziz*, T. Nakamura, M. Yamaguchi, T. Kiyuna, Y. Yamashita, T. Abe, A. Hashiguchi, M. Sakamoto28
Analysis of quantitative phase obtained by digital holography on H&E-stained pathological samples
S.H.B. Norazman*, T. Nakamura, F. Kimura, M. Yamaguchi38
Evaluation of Kampo disease states using facial images
F. Matsushita*, K. Kiyomitsu, K. Ogawa, N. Tsumura44
Optimal design of illuminant for improving intraoperative color appearance of organs
Y. Kurabuchi*, K. Murai, K. Nakano, T. Ohnishi, T. Nakaguchi, M. Hauta-Kasari, H. Haneishi52
Original Articles
Simulating evacuation crowd with emotion and personality
T. Liu, Z. Liu*, Y. Chai, J. Wang, X. Lin, P. Huang59
Campus guide system using drone and AR marker
H. Hiraishi*68
Development of a distributed lighting control system
Y. Minami*, Y. Takamoto75
Markov chain analysis of evolutionary algorithms for monotonic functions
Q. Ma, Y. Zhang, K. Yamamori, H. Furutani, S. Hiwa*, T. Hiroyasu82
Manipulation of the entire group navigation based on dynamic goal-preference switching
Y. Sueoka*, Y. Tsunoda, K. Osuka88
Towards a system for analyzing accidents of unmanned aerial vehicles
R. Yamada*, Y. Yaguchi, M. Yoshida, S. Kobayashi94
Route planning for multiple surveillance autonomous drones using a discrete firefly algorithm and a Bayesian optimization method
J. Henrio*, T. Deligne, T. Nakashima, T. Watanabe100
Teleoperation system for a mobile robot arm with visual servomechanism based on turning radius determination using angle information of image
Y. Matsuda*, N. Tagami, T. Sugi, S. Goto, N. Egashira106
A logical consideration on deceived person’s thinking
S. Myojin*, N. Babaguchi114
Real-time modeling and parameter approximation of dexterous garment folding by robot
C.H. Yew, K.S.M. Sahari*119
Autonomous task allocation by artificial evolution for robotic swarms in complex tasks
Y. Wei, M. Hiraga, K. Ohkura*, Z. Car127

Number2 - June 2019

Original Articles
Bus stop setting problem based on cellular automaton traffic model
C. Cui*, J. Quan135
Evolution of four forms of reciprocity in the prisoner’s dilemma game
T. Ito*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita140
Mono-camera based vehicle localization using lidar intensity map for automated driving
K. Yoneda*, R. Yanase, M. Aldibaja, N. Suganuma, K. Sato147
3D measurement of a moving target using multiple slits with a random-dot pattern
K. Yoshida, K. Kawasue*155
An exoskeletal motion instruction with active/passive hybrid movement: effect of stiffness of haptic-device force-feedback system
F. Akatsuka*, Y. Nomura, T. Sugiura, T. Yasui161
Three-dimensional dynamic bipedal walking based on passive dynamic walking mechanism using telescopic knee via phase oscillator with ground reaction force
T. Kinugasa*, T. Tada, Y. Yokoyama, K. Yoshida, R. Hayashi, S. Fujimoto172
Dynamically evolving algorithm for minimizing the energy consumption of a manipulator
Y. Yokose*178
Investigation of multi-layer neural network performance evolved by genetic algorithms
I.J. Betere*, H. Kinjo, K. Nakazono, N. Oshiro183
Proposal of an ultrasonic sensor array with flexible and scalable organization
Y. Morita, S. Kono, A. Yamawaki*189
The degree of robustness based on hierarchical DEA
K. Inoue*, S. Aoki195
Stable pulling out motion for a dual-arm robot
F. Abe*, K. Nakamura, N. Keitaro203
Affective computing to help recognizing mistaken pedal-pressing during accidental braking
R. Yusuf*, I. Tanev, K. Shimohara212
A deep unified framework for suspicious action recognition
A. Ilidrissi*, J.K. Tan219
Method to analyze a local community as a complex adaptive system for resident-centered local community vitalization
K. Kimura*, Y. Shiozu, K. Ogita, I. Tanev, K. Shimohara225
Quantitative Evaluation of Streaming Image Quality for Robot Teleoperations
I. Otani*, Y. Yaguchi, K. Nakamura, K. Naruse230
Discrete-time robust controller and observer for a ball and beam system
N. Takahashi*, O. Sato, M. Yokomichi239
Heterogeneous recurrent neural networks for natural language model
M. Tsuji, T. Isokawa*, T. Yumoto, N. Matsui, N. Kamiura245
A method of character input for the user interface with a low degree of freedom
S. Matsuno*, S. Chida, N. Itakura, T. Mizuno, K. Mito250
Modeling and simulation of Japanese inter-fi rm network
J. Ozaki*, K. Tamura, H. Takayasu, M. Takayasu257
Study on interface for screen operation to reduce tiredness at practical training using ICT in elementary and secondary education
H. Hazama*, Y. Ebara, T. Ogasarawa262
Time series analysis of body sway caused by several matrix-shaped tactile stimuli on body trunk
M. Terada, M. Uchida*270
Detection of unreliable and reliable pages on Facebook
P. Songram*278

Number3 - September 2019

Original Articles
Obstacle avoidance path generation method for mobile robot using varying search range
H. Natori, K. Tokuyama, M. Mukai*285
Artificial intelligence, ethics and human values: the cases of military drones and companion robots
T. de Swarte*, O. Boufous, P. Escalle291
Uncertainty of the second order ・ Quasispecies model with inverse Bayesian inference
T. Haruna*297
Long-distance sea wave extraction method based on improved Otsu algorithm
Y. Yang*, C. Lu304
Effects of emotionally induced language sounds on brain activations for communication
M.N.A. Mohd Anuardi*, A.K. Yamazaki312
Use of access characteristics to distinguish legitimate user traffic from DDoS attack traffic
K. Aburada*, Y. Arikawa, S. Usuzaki, H. Yamada, T. Katayama, M. Park, N. Okazaki318
Advanced eye-gaze input system with two types of voluntary blinks
H. Sato*, K. Abe, S. Matsuno, M. Ohyama324
HMD-based cover test system for the diagnosis of ocular misalignment
N. Uchida*, K. Takatsuka, H. Yamada, A. Nakazawa, M. Mukunoki, N. Okazaki332
Emotional evaluation for pictures displayed with small FOV telescope environment in virtual reality headset
M. Yamaguchi*, M. Matsumura, H. Shimada, K. Araki338
Turtle graphics for early Java programming education
K.J. Mackin*345
Multi-objective safe reinforcement learning: the relationship between multi-objective reinforcement learning and safe reinforcement learning
N. Horie, T. Matsui*, K. Moriyama, A. Mutoh, N. Inuzuka352
Wiping the mouth by using the robot arm with information of RGB-D sensor
T. Ikeda*, T. Makino, S. Furuno, F. Nagata360
Implementation of a historical materials' presentation AR system in cooperation with a cable television program
T. Ishida*, H. Ito368
Dynamic hybrid position/force control for the quadrotor with a multi-degree-of-freedom manipulator
T. Wang*, K. Umemoto, T. Endo, F. Matsuno378
Analysis of end-plate using multi-channel surface EMG
M. Aliabadi Farahani*, H. Yamada, K. Akehi, K. Mito, T. Mizuno, N. Itakura390
An improvement of flight performance in the level flight of tilted quadrotors by attaching a fixed-wing
Y. Nakamura*, A. Arakawa, K. Watanabe, I. Nagai396
Implementation and evaluation of a scene search method for multimedia content using subtitles
K. Sugita*, K. Takayama404
DEA cone ratio model based on a paired comparison
Y. Kamitaka, S. Aoki, K. Inoue*415
Practical problem-based programming learning using video
S. Tsukuta*, T. Yamaguchi, T. Kano, Y. Kishimoto, E. Nunohiro422
Implementation of an AR Traditional Japanese Craft Presentation System: presentation of traditional crafts using the Kansei retrieval method
T. Ishida*, M. Iyobe, A. Miyakawa, K. Sugita, Y. Shibata430

Number4 - December 2019

Invited Article
Complex systems approaches to temporal soundspace partitioning in bird communities as a self-organizing phenomenon based on behavioral plasticity
R. Suzuki*, M.L. Cody439
Original Articles
El Niño-Southern Oscillation forecasting using complex networks analysis of LSTM neural networks
C. Broni-Bedaiko*, F.A. Katsriku, T. Unemi, M. Atsumi, J.-D. Abdulai, N. Shinomiya, E. Owusu445
Spike-timing-dependent plasticity model for low-frequency pulse waveform
M. Ohara*, M. Kaneko, F. Uchikoba, K. Saito452
Analysis of push-forward model for swarm-like collective motions
Y. Sueoka*, Y. Sato, M. Ishitani, K. Osuka460
Wireless sensor monitoring system of Canadian Poplar Forests based on lnternet of things
X. Yunjie*471
Technology for visualizing the local change in shape of edema using a depth camera
K. Matsui*, K. Kiyomitsu, K. Ogawa-Ochiai, T. Komuro, N. Tsumura480
Neural network-based construction of inverse kinematics model for serial redundant manipulators
H. Takatani*, N. Araki, T. Sato, Y. Konishi487
Automatic control of mobile robot based on autonomous navigation algorithm
L. Wang*494
A modified cascaded neuro-computational model applied to recognition of connected spoken Japanese prefecture words
T. Hoya*499
Skin color image analysis for evaluating wetness on palm with reducing influence of sharp highlights
M. Uchida*, N. Tsumura505
Defect detection method using deep convolutional neural network, support vector machine and template matching techniques
F. Nagata*, K. Tokuno, K. Mitarai, A. Otsuka, T. Ikeda, H.Ochi, K. Watanabe, M.K. Habib512
The effect of different types of acupuncture manipulations on shoulder pain and cardiovascular circulation dynamics
H. Li*, N. Tomita, M. Iwahashi, J. Arimitsu, K. Kawasaki, A. Shirai, K. Ogawa-Ochiai520
Merging trajectory generation method using real-time optimization with enhanced robustness against sensor noise
W. Cao*, M. Mukai, T. Kawabe527
Effects of individual and social learning on the evolution of co-creative linguistic communication
H. Yonenoh*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita534
A high-performance haptic rendering system for virtual reality molecular modeling
A. Pramudwiatmoko, S. Tsutoh, G. Gutmann, Y. Ueno*, A. Konagaya542
Synergistic attention U-Net for sublingual vein segmentation
T. Yang*, Y. Yoshimura, A. Morita, T. Namiki, T. Nakaguchi550
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