Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume22 - 2017

Number1 - March 2017

Original Articles
Medical image diagnosis of kidney regions by deep feedback GMDH-type neural network using principal component-regression analysis
T. Kondo*, S. Kondo, J. Ueno, S. Takao1
Propulsion modeling of caudal fin driving system on balloon fish robot
M. Haga, M. Uchida*10
Asymmetric mutation model in genetic algorithm
Y. Du*, K. Aoki, M. Sakamoto, K. Yamamori, H. Furutani17
Evaluation study on realistic sensation in tele-communication environment with ultra-resolution video by multiple cameras on tiled display wall
Y. Ebara*24
Trajectory planning for a manipulator with nonlinear Coulomb friction using a dynamically incremental genetic algorithm
Y. Yokose*31
Frequency response experiments of eye-vergence visual servoing in lateral motion with 3D evolutionary pose tracking
H. Tian*, Y. Cui, M. Minami, A. Yanou36
Simplified node decomposition and platoon head selection: a novel algorithm for node decomposition in vehicular ad hoc networks
R. Prakash*, P. V. Manivannan44
An optical projection system with mirrors for laparoscopy · - 3D shape reconstruction for objects based on the reflection light generated by mirrors as the structured light
M. Sugawara, K. Kiyomitsu, T. Namae, T. Nakaguchi, N. Tsumura*51
Psychological effects of physical embodiment in artificial pet therapy
R. Hayashi*, S. Kato58
A preliminary study on learning effect in a contact positioning task in a virtual environment
T. Morizono*, R. Miyaji, Y. Tomonari64
A study on effect of biarticular muscles in an antagonistically actuated robot arm through numerical simulations
T. Morizono*, K. Tahara, H. Kino74
ERD analysis method in motor imagery brain–computer interfaces for accurate switch input
S. Nagamori*, H. Tanaka83
Tracking projection method for 3D space by a mobile robot with camera and projector based on a structured-environment approach
K. Tatsumoto*, S. Iwaki, T. Ikeda90
Gait pattern changing of quadruped robot using pulse-type hardware neural networks
D. Tanaka*, D. Nagashima, T. Hidaka, M. Takato, F. Uchikoba, K. Saito102
Evaluation of feature values of surface electromyograms for user authentication on mobile devices
H. Yamaba*, A. Kurogi, S.-I. Kubota, T. Katayama, M. Park, N. Okazaki108
Analysis of manipulator in consideration of impact absorption between link and projected object
A. Sato*, O. Sato, N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi113
Insect-type MEMS microrobot with mountable bare chip IC of artificial neural networks
K. Saito*, K. Sugita, Y. Ishihara, K. Iwata, Y. Asano, Y. Okane, S. Ono, S. Chiba, M. Takato, F. Uchikoba118
Extremely localized interaction in a market model
K. Sasai*, Y.-P. Gunji, T. Kinoshita125
Worker’s knowledge evaluation with single-player Monte Carlo tree search for a practical reentrant scheduling problem
R. Furuoka, S. Matsumoto*130
An automatic parking system using an optimized image-based fuzzy controller by genetic algorithms
Y.Y. Aye*, K. Watanabe, S. Maeyama, I. Nagai139

Number2 - June 2017

Original Articles
Offset control of traffic signal using cellular automaton traffic model
C. Cui*, Z. Kui, H. Lee, Z. Jin145
A control law for vehicle merging inspired by dragonfly behavior
K. Ito, N. Sakuraba, K. Yamaguchi*153
Recommendation from access logs with ensemble learning
T. Ayaki*, H. Yanagimoto, M. Yoshioka163
Moving objects detection employing iterative update of the background
F.X.A. Setyawan, J.K. Tan, H. Kim, S. Ishikawa*168
Modeling of humanoid dynamics including slipping with nonlinear floor friction
X. Li*, H. Imanishi, M. Minami, T. Matsuno, Y. Akira175
Hypothesis testing based on observation from Thai sentiment classification
P. Netisopakul*, K. Pasupa, R. Lertsuksakda184
Evaluation of the impact of tablet screen size on children tracing performance
R. Amornchewin*, K. Sitdhisanguan191
Fabrication of micro-gelatin fiber utilizing coacervation method
T. Arai*, R. Tanaka, K. Sakaguchi, S. Umezu197
Bio-inspired wing-folding mechanism of micro air vehicle (MAV)
T. Jitsukawa, H. Adachi, T. Abe, H. Yamakawa, S. Umezu*203
Customer state estimation with poisson distribution model
H. Yanagimoto*209
Macroscopic fundamental diagram in simple model of urban traffic
N. Yoshioka*, T. Shimada, N. Ito217
Development of an automatic flocculation tester for highly-efficient data acquisition
Y. Hitaka*, N. Nishio, K. Fujisaki222
Developing a source code reading tutorial system and analyzing its learning log data with multiple classification analysis
K. Okimoto, S. Matsumoto*, S. Yamagishi, T. Kashima227
Psychophysiological assessment of an adaptive asynchronous human-machine system with the dual task method
S. Bando*, K. Oiwa, A. Nozawa238
An adaptive observer for a spacecraft-manipulator system using a camera mounted on its spacecraft
Y. Taira*, S. Sagara, M. Oya247
Stacked convolutional auto-encoders for surface recognition based on 3d point cloud data
M. Maimaitimin*, K. Watanabe, S. Maeyama259
Examining efficient instructional methods for computer-aided brush coating skill training system in elementary and secondary education
N. Fujimoto, S. Matsumoto*, M. Teranishi, H. Takeno, T. Tokuyasu265
Influence on the propulsive performance due to the difference in the fin shape of a robotic manta
M. Ikeda*, K. Mikuriya, K. Watanabe, S. Hikasa, Y. Hamano, I. Nagai276

Number3 - September 2017

Original Articles
Flexible manipulator inspired by octopus: development of soft arms using sponge and experiment for grasping various objects
K.Ito*, S. Hagimori283
Simple observation sensor system and local community network model: Real society experiment on solitary death prevention for low-income single elderly residents in collective housing
T. Morishita*, S. Mochida289
Optimizing player's formations for corner-kick situations in RoboCup soccer 2D simulation
T. Henn, J. Henrio*, T. Nakashima296
Platform design for large-scale artificial market simulation and preliminary evaluation on the K computer
T. Torii*, T. Kamada, K. Izumi, K. Yamada301
Pedestrian simulator with flexible framework to enhance detailed behavior and environmental change
I. Noda*, T. Yamashita308
Fundamental characteristics of printed gelatin utilizing micro 3D printer
R. Tanaka*, K. Sakaguchi, S. Umezu316
Remarks on folding behavior and plant Jacobian of neural network direct controller for its stability
T. Yamada*321
Using model uncertainty for robust optimization in approximate inference control
H. Itoh*, Y. Sakai, T. Kadoya, H. Fukumoto, H. Wakuya, T. Furukawa327
Validity of decision mode analysis on an ROI determination problem in multichannel fNIRS data
S. Hiwa*, M. Miki, T. Hiroyasu336
The motion capturing of female divers under water and the trial production of motion viewers for developing a virtual diving experience learning system
Y. Hosokawa*, D. Urata, A. Doi, T. Takata, Y. Abe346
Quantifying the impact of communication on performance in multi-agent teams
M. Zuparic*, V. Jauregui, M. Prokopenko, Y. Yue357
iOS application for quadrotor remote control · Implementation of basic functions with iphone
Z. Lu, F. Nagata*, K. Watanabe, M.K. Habib374
Four-leg independent mechanism for MEMS microrobot
D. Tanaka*, Y. Uchiumi, S. Kawamura, M. Takato, K. Saito, F. Uchikoba380
Implementation of a decision support system using an interactive large-scale high-resolution display
T. Ishida*, Y. Hirohara, N. Kukimoto, Y. Shibata385
Hardware neural network models of CPG and PWM for controlling servomotor system in quadruped robot
M. Abe*, K. Iwama, M. Takato, K. Saito, F. Uchikoba391
Biomimetic neural network for modifying biological dynamics during hybrid experiments
M. Ambroise, S. Buccelli, F. Grassia, A. Pirog, Y. Bornat, M. Chiappalone, T. Levi*398

Number4 - December 2017

Original Articles
Development of an altitude-keeping system for underwater robots using laser beams
F. Takemura*, R. Taba, K. Hirayama, S. Tansuriyavong, K. Kawabata, S. Sagara, K. Ogasawara405
The application of multi-body simulation approach in the kinematic analysis of beetle leg joints
S. Vagts*, J. Schlattmann, P. Busshardt, T. Kleinteich, S.N. Gorb412
A control method of a center of a swarm on collective motion in three-dimensional space
K. Makino*421
Development of a small and lightweight myriapod robot using passive dynamics
T. Kinugasa*, K. Osuka, R. Hayashi, N. Miyamoto, K. Yoshida429
Integer inverse kinematics for arm control of a compact autonomous robot
T. Morishita*, O. Tojo435
Markov chain analysis of Leading Ones problem
Y. Du, K. Aoki, M. Sakamoto, H. Furutani, K. Yamamori*443
Prognostic medication: for predicting premonition and recovery
R. Konagaya*, K. Naitoh, K. Suzuki, H. Takashima449
Non-contact video-based estimation of heart rate variability spectrogram from hemoglobin composition
M. Fukunishi*, K. Kurita, S. Yamamoto, N. Tsumura457
Black cattle body shape and temperature measurement using thermography and KINECT sensor
K. Kawasue*, K.D. Win, K. Yoshida, T. Tokunaga464
A study on the vibration suppression of the manipulator with flexible element
O. Sato*, A. Sato, T. Yagi, N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi471
A design of robotic spine composed of parallelogram actuation modules
S. Yu*, Y. Nakata, Y. Nakamura, H. Ishiguro477
The emergence of executive functions by the evolution of second-order learning
K. Daimon*, S. Arnold, R. Suzuki, T. Arita483
Teleoperation system for a mobile robot with visual servo mechanism based on automatic template generation
Y. Matsuda*, T. Sugi, S. Goto, N. Egashira490
Effect of the cervical structure on the operability of teleoperated humanoid head
K. Maeda, Y. Nakata*, Y. Nakamura, H. Ishiguro497
Mechanism of generating drawbar pull of rod wheel on loose soil
T. Matsumoto*, Y. Oyama, J. Ogawa, K. Nakamura, K. Naruse503
Improvement of force-sensorless grinding accuracy with resistance compensation
A. Sato, K. Shen, M. Minami*, T. Matsuno509
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