Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume21 - 2016

Number1 - March 2016

Original Articles
Flow control for cell growth by movement of magnetic particles utilizing electromagnetic force
S. Umezu*1
Physiological and psychological evaluations in low-and high-frequency noise using near-infrared spectroscopy
T. Osawa, H. Asano*, T. Mizuno, A. Nozawa, H. Tanaka, S. Nomura, T. Okazaki, H. Ide5
Reinforcement learning in dynamic environment: abstraction of state-action space utilizing properties of the robot body and environment
K. Ito*, Y. Takeuchi11
A new algorithm for flexible job-shop scheduling problem based on particle swarm optimization
W. Teekeng*, A. Thammano, P. Unkaw, J. Kiatwuthiamorn18
Control of biomimetic robots based on analysis of human arm trajectories in 3D movements
T. Kashima*, K. Hori24
Study on stiffness visualization and safety control based on will-consensus building for tele-palpation robot system
S. Ueki*, T. Mouri, T. Endo, H. Kawasaki31
Applying interpretive structure modeling on the interactive correlations on factor analysis in natural and cultural scenic area at Taiwan
Y.-C. Lee, Y.-C. Shiau, W.-L. Hsu*37
Analysis of the two-link manipulator in consideration of the horizontal motion about object
O. Sato, A. Sato*, N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi43
The neural sliding mode controller design of fan-plate system
H.-K. Chiang, C.-C. Fang*, F.-J. Hsu49
Coordination control design of heterogeneous swarm robots by means of task-oriented optimization
N. Nishikawa*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita57
A brush coating skill training system for manufacturing education at Japanese elementary and junior high schools
S. Matsumoto*, N. Fujimoto, M. Teranishi, H. Takeno, T. Tokuyasu69
Proposal of resilience assessment by focusing on pliability
T. Otabe*, T. Kaneda, M. Yoshikai, T. Tokuyasu79
Evolving an emotion recognition module for an intelligent agent using genetic programming and a genetic algorithm
R. Yusuf*, D.G. Sharma, I. Tanev, K. Shimohara85
Emergence of adaptive behaviors for artificial creature using a combined artificial neural network
K. Nakamura*91
Set-based particle swarm optimization with status memory for knapsack problem
T. Hino, S. Ito, T. Liu, M. Maeda*98
Quaternionic multistate Hopfield neural network with extended projection rule
T. Minemoto*, T. Isokawa, H. Nishimura, N. Matsui106
A hybrid bat algorithm with natural-inspired algorithms for continuous optimization problem
S. Pravesjit*112
Parallelized fusion visualization system
H. Miyachi*, N. Sakamoto, K. Koyamada120
EM-based policy hyper parameter exploration: application to standing and balancing of a two-wheeled smartphone robot
J. Wang*, E. Uchibe, K. Doya125
A sleep model and an observer using the Lotka-Volsterra equation for real-time estimation of sleep
Y. Kurihara*, K. Watanabe, H. Tanaka132

Number2 - June 2016

Invited Article
ALife approach to eco-evo-devo using evolution of virtual creatures
T. Arita*, M. Joachimczak, T. Ito, A. Asakura, R. Suzuki141

Original Articles
Point cloud matching using singular value decomposition
S. Oomori*, T. Nishida, S. Kurogi149
LDA-based path model construction process for structure equation modeling
R. Saga*, R. Kunimoto155
Finding division points for a time series corpus based on structural change point detection
H. Kobayashi, R. Saga*160
A model of friendship networks based on social network analysis
A. Mutoh*, Y. Imura, R. Kato, T. Matsui, N. Inuzuka165
An evolutionary design methodology of printed circuit boards for high-speed VLSIs
M. Yasunaga*, I. Yoshihara171
Information transfer in a swarm of soldier crabs
T. Tomaru*, H. Murakami, T. Niizato, Y. Nishiyama, K. Sonoda, T. Moriyama, Y.-P. Gunji177
Graphical and scalable multi-agent simulator for real-time pricing in electric power grid
M. Miura*, Y. Tokunaga, K. Sakurama181
Human gait analysis based on biological motion and evolutionary computing
D.G. Sharma*, R. Yusuf, I. Tanev, K. Shimohara188
A power law in the exploratory behavior of the Physarum plasmodium
T. Shirakawa*, H. Sato, M. Nishida195
IC design of driving circuit of MEMS microrobot using pulse-type hardware neuron model
Y. Ishihara, Y. Naito, K. Maezumi, Y. Okane, H. Oku, M. Tatani, M. Takato, K. Saito*, F. Uchikoba201
Effect of symmetry bias on linguistic evolution
H. Sudo*, R. Matoba, T. Cooper, A. Tsukada207
Agent-based modeling of collaborative interaction in ubiquitous learning environment using local dynamic behavior
P. Temdee*215
On a bio-inspired hybrid pheromone signalling for efficient map exploration of multiple mobile service robots
A. Ravankar*, A.A. Ravankar, Y. Kobayashi, T. Emaru221
Study on the application of unity software in emergency evacuation simulation for elder
Y.-P. Chiu, Y.-C. Shiau*232

Number3 - September 2016

Special Feature: Original Articles
Infiltrating the zebrafish swarm: design, implementation and experimental tests of a miniature robotic fish lure for fish-robot interaction studies
F. Bonnet, Y. Kato, J. Halloy, F. Mondada239
Visual image of neighbors to elicit wandering behavior in the soldier crab
T. Moriyama, J. Mashiko, T. Matsui, K. Enomoto, T. Matsui, K. Iizuka, M. Toda, Y.P. Gunji247
Moderated pattern formations on trail-laying foraging
T. Sakiyama, Y.-P. Gunji253
Transition to an optimal periodic gait by simultaneous input and parameter optimization method of Hamiltonian systems
S. Satoh, K. Fujimoto, M. Saeki258
Distributed sensor swarms for monitoring bird behavior: an integrated system using wildlife acoustics recorders
C.E. Taylor, Y. Huang, K. Yao268
A robot leg with compliant tarsus and its neural control for efficient and adaptive locomotion on complex terrains
G.D. Canio, S. Stoyanov, J.C. Larsen, J. Hallam, A. Kovalev, T. Kleinteich, S.N. Gorb, P. Manoonpong274
Formation control of underactuated bio-inspired snake robots
E. Rezapour, K.Y. Pettersen, J.T. Gravdahl, A. Hofmann282
Swarm robotic network using Lévy flight in target detection problem
Y. Katada, A. Nishiguchi, K. Moriwaki, R. Watakabe295
Leader-based versus soft control of multi-agent swarms
G. Sartoretti302
Extension of a ground control interface for swarms of Small Drones
N. Dousse, G. Heitz, D. Floreano308
Critical mass in the emergence of collective intelligence: a parallelized simulation of swarms in noisy environments
A. Drozd, O. Witkowski, S. Matsuoka, T. Ikegami317

Original Articles
Study on constraint time construction model for replacement of air handling unit in department stores
Y.-C. Shiau*, H.-W. Chuang, C.-C. Liu, P.-H. Yu324
Viewer, converter and preprocessor for smart machining process using an industrial robot
F. Nagata*, K. Takeshita, S. Yoshimoto, A. Yoshinaga, S. Kurita, A. Otsuka, K. Watanabe, M.K. Habib332
Extension of cellular automata via the introduction of an algorithm for the recursive estimation of neighbors
Y. Kayama*338
A cyber attack-resilient server inspired by biological diversity
F. Sano, T. Okamoto*, I. Winarno, Y. Hata, Y. Ishida345
Toward an artificial immune server against cyber attacks
T. Okamoto*, M. Tarao351
Sentiment analysis of Thai children stories
K. Pasupa*, P. Netisopakul, R. Lertsuksakda357
Development of remotely operated unmanned boat with long-range Wi-Fi
K. Takahata, E. Shimizu, A. Umeda, T. Oode, T. Tsuchiya, Y. Tamura365
A random-forests-based classifier using class association rules and its application to an intrusion detection system
S. Mabu*, S. Gotoh, M. Obayashi, T. Kuremoto371

Number4 - December 2016

Special Feature: Original Articles
Field of safe travel in swarm
K. Sonoda, H. Murakami, T. Niizato, Y.-P. Gunji379
Quadrupedal running with a flexible torso: control and speed transitions with sums-of-squares verification
Q. Cao, I. Poulakakis384
Information seeking and model predictive control of a cooperative multi-robot system
S. Emoto, I. Akkaya, E.A. Lee393
Gradual learning for behavior acquisition by evolving artificial neural network
R. Ooe, T. Kawakami399
Adaptive role assignment for self-organized flocking of a real robotic swarm
Y. Toshiyuki, S. Nakatani, A. Adachi, M. Kadota, K. Ohkura405
Multi-objective optimization for efficient motion of underwater snake robots
E. Kelasidi, M. Jesmani, K.Y. Pettersen, J.T. Gravdahl411
Particle swarm optimization with mutation operations controlled by landscape modality estimation using hill-valley detection
T. Takahama, S. Sakai, J. Kushida, A. Hara423
Deployment of wireless mesh network using RSSI-based swarm robots・Passing narrow corridor by movement function along walls
K. Hattori, N. Tatebe, T. Kagawa, Y. Owada, L. Shan, K. Temma, K. Hamaguchi, K. Takadama434
Aggregation in robot swarms using odometry
A. Vardy443
Generalized measuring-worm algorithm: high-accuracy mapping and movement via cooperating swarm robots
K. Hattori, E. Homma, T. Kagawa, M. Otani, N. Tatebe, Y. Owada, L. Shan, K. Temma, K. Hamaguchi451
Robophysical study of excavation in confined environments
V. Linevich, D. Monaenkova, D.I. Goldman460

Original Articles
An enhanced incremental association rule discovery with a lower minimum support
A. Ariya*, W. Kreesuradej466
Teleoperation of robot arm with position measurement via angle-pixel characteristic and visual supporting function
Y. Matsuda*, T. Sugi, S. Goto, N. Egashira478
Development of an embedded sensor system for pneumatic artificial muscle proprioceptors
H. Shin, H. Saitoh, T. Kawakami, S. Yamanishi, S. Ikemoto, K. Hosoda486
Multi-body dynamics simulation and gait pattern analysis of a bio-inspired quadruped robot for unstructured terrains using adaptive stroke length
D. Vishal*, P.V. Manivannan493
A trajectory generation method for mobile robot based on iterative extension-like process
K. Kawabata*500
Computer simulation of human-robot interaction through natural language
R. Khummongkol, M. Yokota*510
Guaranteed cost control of robot manipulator with prescribed degree of stability
N. Takahashi*, O. Sato520
A study of real-time and 100 billion agents simulation using the Boids model
Y. Hirokawa*, N. Nishikawa, T. Asano, M. Terai, T. Matsuzawa525
A construction of five-state real-time Fibonacci sequence generator
N. Kamikawa*, H. Umeo531
A study about control for rolling objects and beam system
N. Takahashi, O. Sato, A. Sato*, Y. Yamashita540
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