Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume20 - 2015

Number1 - March 2015

Original Articles
Preventing campus accidents among disabled students
Y.-C. Chen, Y.-H. Wang, Y.-C. Shiau*, Y.-J. Wang1
Occupancy grid map of semi-static objects by mobile observer
V.C. Dang*, M. Kubo, H. Sato, T. Shirakawa, A. Namatame7
Embedding inference engine in fuzzy expert robotic system shell in a humanoid robot platform for selecting stochastic appropriate fuzzy implications for approximate reasoning
A.K. Ramadoss*, M. Krishnaswamy13
Implementation of sightseeing contents considering difference in computer skills and devices
K. Sugita*, K. Nishimura, M. Yokota19
Detection of driver inattention from fluctuations in vehicle operating data
S. Bando, A. Nozawa*28
Experiment on a dual-arm underwater robot using resolved acceleration control method
R.B. Ambar*, S. Sagara, K. Imaike34
Simple tai chi exercise for improving elderly postural stability via complexity index analysis
C.-W. Huang, W.-H. Chen, H.-H. Chu, B.C. Jiang, M. Abbod, J.-S. Shieh*42
Effective initial route construction for mobile relay on wireless sensor network
Y.A.S. Yudo, N. Shigei*, H. Miyajima49
Temporal analysis for fast motion detection in a crowd
P. Mudjirahardjo*, J.K. Tan, H. Kim, S. Ishikawa56
Sound localization system by simple analog-digital circuits based on the biological auditory system
K. Nishio*, K. Nakatsukasa, M. Tanaka64
Group motion control of multi-agent systems with obstacle avoidance: column formation under input constraints
N. Niizuma, K. Nakano, T. Funato*, K. Higuchi70
The role of the emergent property of resource in the evolution of distributive altruism based on spatial reciprocity
F. Ueno*, T. Arita78
Application of coastal vegetation to green roofs of residential buildings in Taiwan
Y.-C. Chen, L. Pei, Y.-C. Shiau*86

Number2 - July 2015

Original Articles
Genetic algorithms produce individual robotic rat pup behaviors that match Norway rat pup behaviors at multiple scales
C. Sullivan, R. Loughlin, J.C. Schank, S.S. Joshi*93
Generator of dynamically reconfigurable processor
T. Sega, A. Kanasugi, K. Ando*103
Establishing a framework for merchant evaluation in outsourcing the reuse of deserted public spaces
H.-L. Liu, T.-Y. Chern, C.-Y. Chou, W.-L. Hsu*109
A probability-based incremental association rule discovery algorithm for record insertion and deletion
P. Thusaranon*, W. Kreesuradej115
Abdominal breathing restrictor for mental tension enhancement
I. Nakayama, K. Koga, J. Kobayashi*124
Design of a collaborative method with specified body regions for activity recognition: generating a divided histogram considering occlusion
Y. Saito, H. Nishiyama*129
Logistic GMDH-type neural network using principal component-regression analysis and its application to medical image diagnosis of lung cancer
T. Kondo*, J. Ueno, S. Takao137
Medical image diagnosis of liver cancer by hybrid feedback GMDH-type neural network using principal component-regression analysis
T. Kondo*, J. Ueno, A. Takao145
Decentralized underwater multi-robot communication using bio-inspired approaches
D. Sutantyo*, P. Levi152
Repetitive control for the periodic walking training in a gait rehabilitation robot
P. Wang*, L. Li, M. Yan, F. Ru, Y. Ju159
Weak identity from the section-retraction perspective of category theory
T. Niizato*166
Experimental analysis of the two-link manipulator in consideration of the relative motion between link and object
A. Sato*, O. Sato, N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi173
Meal plan search engine inspired by ant colony's foraging
K. Ito*, J. Kim, K. Tachibana178
Temporal changes in NIRS outputs in prefrontal regions when listening to language
K. Watanabe, Y. Niimura, Y. Kurihara*, K. Watanabe183
Stochastic optimal control for traffic signals of asymmetrical intersection
C. Cui*, H.Lee, C. Xu190

Number3 - October 2015

Original Articles
Vibrational motion control for foamed polystyrene machining robot and extraction of radius of curvature for fuzzy feed rate control
F. Nagata, M.K. Habib, A.Otsuka, S. Hayashi, T. Nagatomi, K. Watanabe197
Experimental and theoretical analysis of human arm trajectories in 3D movements
T. Kashima, K. Sugawara203
A sensor node architecture with zero standby power on wireless sensor network
A. Yamawaki*, M. Yamanaka, S. Serikawa210
Designing a robot controller by using a simple brain-wave sensor and a machine learning technique
H. Hiraishi217
A Nios-based colonoscopy navigation system
C.-W. Hung*, K.-C. Huang, Y.-T. Yu, H.-T. Chang222
Controlling the reversible assembly/disassembly of multicomponent using molecular recognition in molecular robots
W. Adi*, K. Sekiyama228
Design and control of a ray-mimicking soft robot based on morphological features for adaptive deformation
K. Urai*, R. Sawada, N. Hiasa, M. Yokota, F. DallaLibera237
Evolving 3D virtual creatures through exaptation triggered by environmental change
A. Asakura*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita244
Implementation and control of a 360 degree rotating cylindrical LED full color display
H.-M. Chen*, W.-Y. You251
Chases and escapes, and optimization problems
T. Ohira*, T. Hosaka, T. Nogawa257
Model reformulation for conflict-free routing problems using Petri Net and Deterministic Finite Automaton
R. Nakamura, K. Sawada*, S. Shin, K. Kumagai, H. Yoneda262
Body flexibility effects on foot loading based on quadruped bounding models
T. Kamimura*, Y. Ambe, S. Aoi, F. Matsuno270
Invariant manifold-based stabilizing controllers for nonholonomic mobile robots
Y.Y. Aye*, K. Watanabe, S. Maeyama, I. Nagai276

Number4 - December 2015

Invited Article
Bird song: A model complex adaptive system
C.E. Taylor*, M.L. Cody285

Original Articles
A study on human interface system using the direction of eyes and face
K. Sakurai*, M. Yan, K. Inami, H. Tamura, K. Tanno291
Causal analysis between vehicle operating data and physiological responses
S. Bando*, A. Nozawa, Y. Matsuya299
Model predictive control of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle system with slope preview
K. Yu*, H. Yang, T. Kawabe, X. Tan305
Collective behavior of soldier crab swarm in both ring- and round-shaped arenas
H. Murakami*, T. Tomaru, T. Niizato, Y. Nishiyama, K. Sonoda, T. Moriyama, Y.-P. Gunji315
A comparative study of feature point matching versus foreground detection for computer detection of dairy cows in video frames
K. Pasupa*, N. Pantuwong, S. Nopparit320
Development of a master controller for a 3-link dual-arm underwater robot
R. B. Ambar*, S. Sagara327
Blood flow velocity waveforms in the middle cerebral artery during cycle exercise and recovery
T. Matsuo*, S. Watanabe, M. Sorimachi, H. Takao, T. Takahashi336
Driver's drowsiness inhibition by subcutaneous stimulation based on SNS activity
Y. Kajiwara*, H. Asano, S. Bando, S. Nomura, T. Mizuno, S. Ogose, A. Nozawa341
Detection of periodic patterns in microarray data reveals novel oscillating transcripts of biological rhythms in Ciona intestinalis
H. Matsumae*, R. Ishiwata, T. Minamoto, N. Ishida, S. Ogishima, H. Tanaka347
Image recognition using adaptive fuzzy neural network based on lifting scheme of wavelet
C.-N. Ko*, C.-M. Lee353
Development of impact-type rotary actuator and application for MEMS microrobot by bare chip IC of hardware neuron model
M. Takato*, Y. Naito, K. Maezumi, Y. Ishihara, Y. Okane, H. Oku, M. Tatani, K. Saito359
Development of quadruped robot with locomotion rhythm generator using pulse-type hardware neural networks
K. Saito*, Y. Ikeda, M. Takato, Y. Sekine, F. Uchikoba366
Development of vibration sensing system with wide dynamic range - monitoring of scratching and turning-over motion during sleep -
K. Kurihara*, T. Kaburagi, K. Watanabe, H. Tanaka372
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