Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume19 - 2014

Number1 - February 2014

Special Feature: Original Articles
A method for estimating visceral fat from the elasticity of lumbar subcutaneous fat
A. Kikuchi, S. Sugiyama, T. Nakaguchi*, S. Yamamoto, T. Oji, H. Shimada, Y. Kasahara, T. Namiki, K. Yokote, N. Tsumura, Y. Miyake1
Adaptive rollover prevention controller for driver-vehicle systems
Y. Suetake, M. Oya*, P. Shu, J. Zhuo9
Cooperative behavior control of robot group using stress antibody allotment reward
S.-G. Kim*, S. Taguchi, S.-I. Hong, H.-H. Lee16
Modified fuzzy adaptive controller applied to nonlinear systems modeled under quasi-ARX neural networks
I. Sutrisno, M.A. Jami'in, J. Hu*22
Original Articles
Speech synthesis of emotions using vowel features of a speaker
K. Boku, T. Asada, Y. Yoshitomi*, M. Tabuse27
The intelligent integrated speed controller of DTC for induction motor
K. Xu*, S. Liu, X. Wang33
Analysis of seasonal variability of methane over global land area
J. Park*, S. Park, Y. Kwak, E. Nunohiro, T. Yamaguchi40
Offline gain optimization in kinodynamic motion planning based on a harmonic potential field
K. Motonaka*, K. Watanabe, S. Maeyama47
Design and implementation of a user-support system for scheduling using a smart phone
H. Imamura, H. Nishiyama*55
Evaluation for distance learning scheme on distributed multiple server system
Y. Moritoh*, Y. Imai, T. Hattori61
Development and motion control of a biped walking robot based on passive walking theory
J.H. Lee*, S. Okamoto, H. Koike, K. Tani68
Facial expression recognition of a speaking using thermal image processing and reject criteria in feature vector space
Y. Nakanishi, Y. Yoshitomi*, T. Asada, M. Tabuse76
Communication system using EOG for persons with disabilities and its judgement by EEG
M. Yan, S. Go, H. Tamura*, K. Tanno89
Estimating floodwater from MODIS time series and SRTM DEM data
Y. Kwak*, J. Park, K. Fukami95
A procedure for constructing social network using Web search engines: the case for Japanese automotive industry
Y. Kubota*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita103

Number2 - September 2014

Original Articles
A reward allocation method for reinforcement learning in stabilizing control tasks
S. Hosokawa*, J. Kato, K. Nakano109
A new kind of hybrid filter based on the intersecting cortical model and the improved Extremum-and-Median filter
X. Zhang, Z. Zheng, I. Asanuma, Y. Xu*115
Non-uniform Cellular Automata based on Open-ended Rule Evolution
N. Sughimura*, R. Suzuki, T. Arita120
The memorization of in-line sensorimotor invariants: toward behavioral ontogeny and enactive agents
P. De Loor*, K. Manac'h, P. Chevaillier127
A pectoral fin analysis for diving rajiform-type fish robots by fluid dynamics
M. Ikeda*, S. Hikasa, K. Watanabe, I. Nagai136
Real-time stochastic optimal control for traffic signals of multiple intersections
C. Cui*, J. Cui, H. Lee142
bioToys: biofeedback toys for playful and self-determined physiotherapeutic activities
T. Shimokakimoto*, A. Miura, K. Suzuki150
Learning to navigate in a virtual world using optic flow and stereo disparity signals
F. Raudies*, S. Eldridge, A. Joshi, M. Versace157
Oxygen saturation of skin reflects blood flow and stagnation
S. Yamamoto*, N. Tsumura, T. Yoshizaki, K. Ogawa-Ochiai170
Construction of virtual patient model for maxillofacial palpation training system
T. Tokuyasu*, E. Maeda, T. Okamoto, K. Toshimitsu, K. Okamura, K. Yoshiura176
Developing a system to cover OTHER via rudimentary objective-subjective distinction
Y. Nishiyama*, K. Kato, K. Kawasaki, M. Nagasawa, I. Hasegawa181
Adaptive annealing learning algorithm-based robust wavelet neural networks for function approximation with outliers
S.-S. Kuo, C.-N. Ko*186
Estimation of physical interaction between a musculoskeletal robot and its surroundings
K. Urai, Y. Okadome, Y. Nakata, Y. Nakamura*, H. Ishiguro193
A self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm for continuous optimization problems
D. Jitkongchuen*, A. Thammano201
A detection method for snoRNA modification domain by fully indexable dictionary retrieving
T. Yamamoto, K. Yamamori*, N. Kenmochi, M. Aikawa209

Number3 - November 2014

Original Articles
Silicon neuron: digital hardware implementation of the quartic model
F. Grassia*, T. Levi, T. Kohno. S. Saïghi215
Adaptive LSH based on the particle swarm method with the attractor selection model for fast approximation of Gaussian process regression
Y. Okadome, K. Urai, Y. Nakamura*, T. Yomo, H. Ishiguro220
Optimal allocation of statistical tolerance indices by genetic algorithms
A. Otsuka*, F. Nagata227
A novel architecture of dynamically reconfigurable fused multiply-adder for digital signal processing
A. Tsukahara, A. Kanasugi*233
Position detection method for microwell chip on microscope stage by photon multiplier tube
K. Ando*, H. Uchida, S. Ahmed, K. Nishigaki, O. Takei, A. Kanasugi239
Development of Racing Bicycle Position Control Device and Pedaling Exercise Analysis Software with Web-Based Data Management Function for Improving Cycling Technique
T. Tokuyasu, S. Matsumoto*, S. Kushizaki, T. Kitawaki244
A feature selection method for a sample-based stochastic policy
J. Yamanaka, Y. Nakamura*, H. Ishiguro251
Satellite data visualization system for education
K. Matsushita*, S. Koshikawa, T. Endoh, J.G. Park, T. Yamaguchi, K.J. Mackin, E. Nunohiro258
A new shooting algorithm for the search of periodic orbits
K. Sumiya, K. Kubo, T. Shimada*262
Adaptive steering control without using measurements of lateral velocity of vehicles
P. Shu, Y. Yoshihara, J. Zhuo, M. Oya270
Model following control for continuous-time discrete-valued input systems
K. Sawada*, S. Shin277
Fusion visualization for fluid dynamics in blood vessel
H. Miyachi*, T. Ishida, N. Sakamoto, K. Koyamada286
Detecting moving objects from a video taken by a moving camera using sequential inference of background images
F.A. Setyawan*, J.K. Tan, H. Kim, S. Ishikawa291
Representation of human preference using folksonomy and the idea called concept
H. Yamaba*, M. Tanoue, K. Takatsuka, N. Okazaki, S. Tomita299
Development of flexible joints for a humanoid robot that walks on an oscillating plane
K. Ito*, T. Yoneyama305

Number4 - December 2014

Original Articles
3D printing and simulation of naturally randomized cellular automata
Y. Kanada*311
Attraction basin sphere estimating genetic algorithm for neuroevolution problems
Z. Xu* · H. Iizuka · M. Yamamoto317
Accuracy improvement of genetic algorithm for obtaining floating-point solution
K. Nishijima, A. Kanasugi*, K. Ando328
A study on the current status of the installation of barrier-free facilities at railway stations
Y.-C. Lee, Y.-C. Shiau*, I.-N. Lee, Y.-T. Weng333
Development of a maneuverable flexible manipulator for minimally invasive surgery with varied stiffness
A. Arora*, Y. Ambe, T.H. Kim, R. Ariizumi, F. Matsuno340
An improved adaptive switching control based on quasi-ARX neural network for nonlinear systems
I. Sutrisno*, C. Che, J. Hu347
An application of ant algorithm for searching energy-effi cient route a mobile robot takes using energy as a weighting factor
A. Anuntachai*, O. Wongwirat, A. Thammano354
Control of body sway using a tactile device
K. Horiba, M. Uchida*363
Importance of real-world properties in chasing task: simulation and analysis of dragonfly’s behavior
K. Ito, N. Sakuraba*370
Comparison of proportional-derivative and active-force controls on vibration of a fl exible single-link manipulator using finite-element method
A.K. Muhammad*, S. Okamoto, J.H. Lee375
Modeling a bacterial ecosystem through chemotaxis simulation of a single cell
N. Ouannes*, N. Djedi, H. Luga, Y. Duthen382
StRRT-based path planning with PSO-tuned parameters for RoboCup soccer
K. Sameshima, K. Nakano, T. Funato*, S. Hosokawa388
Proposal of semiautonomous centipede-like robot for rubbles
K. Ito*, S. Kashiwada400
Identifi cation of drug-target modules in the human protein–protein interaction network
T. Hase*, K. Kikuchi, S. Ghosh, H. Kitano, H. Tanaka406
A noninvasive heartbeat, respiration, and body movement monitoring system for neonates
S. Nukaya*, M. Sugie, Y. Kurihara, T. Hiroyasu, K. Watanabe, H. Tanaka414
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