Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume16 - 2011


Original Articles
Investigation of efficient protection from an influenza pandemic using CARMS
K. Tsunoda, K. Shinya, Y. Suzuki1
Path planning of a multiple mobile robot system
S.-V. Shiau, K.-L. Su, C.-C. Wang, J.-H. Guo5
Multilevel multisensory-based security system for an intelligent home
S.-H. Chia, K.-L. Su, S.-V. Shiau, T.-L. Chien10
Multisensor fusion-based gas detection module
J.-H. Guo, I.-C. Chien, K.-L. Su, C.-J. Wu16
Extraction of the minimum number of Gabor wavelet parameters for the recognition of natural facial expressions
R. Samad, H. Sawada21
Prediction of space weather by adaptive information processing
M. Tokumitsu, Y. Ishida, S. Watari, K. Kitamura32
An adaptive sensor network for home intrusion detection by human activity profiling
M. Tokumitsu, M. Murakami, Y. Ishida36
A network visualization of stable matching in the stable marriage problem
Y. Morizumi, T. Hayashi, Y. Ishida40
An artificial intelligence membrane to detect network intrusion
T. Okamoto44
Adaptive co-construction of state and action spaces in reinforcement learning
M. Nagayoshi, H. Murao, H. Tamaki48
Prime number generation using memetic programming
E. Mabrouk, J.C. Hernández-Castro, M. Fukushima53
Simple analog-digital motion detection circuit and its application to target tracking systems
K. Nishio, T. Yamamoto57
Analog circuit for motion detection using a CCD camera based on a biological vision system and its application to mobile robots.
K. Nishio, Y. Kondo, T. Yamasaki, T. Furukawa61
Regulated plus and minus power supply using approximately 2DOF robust digital control
A. Saitoh, Y. Tsuruhori, Y. Ohta, K. Higuchi, K. Nakano65
An efficient identification scheme for a nonlinear polynomial NARX model
Y. Cheng, L. Wang, M. Yu, J. Hu70
Developing a vision-based auto-recharging system for mobile robots
T.-L. Chien74
Social modification using implementation of partial agency toward objects
H. Osawa, S. Yamada78
Construction of the muscle fatigue evaluation model based on accuracy of power
A. Suzuki, N. Kato, Y. Nomura, H. Matsui82
Development and experimental study of a novel pruning robot
S. Ueki, H. Kawasaki, Y. Ishigure, K. Koganemaru, Y. Mori86
EMG control of a pneumatic 5-fingered hand using a Petri net
O. Fukuda, J. Kim, I. Nakai, Y. Ichikawa90
Swing-up and LQR stabilization of a rotary inverted pendulum
M. Park, Y.-J. Kim, J.-J. Lee94
Construction and basic performance tests of an underwater monitoring network
C. Liu, B. Fu, H. Zhang, L. Lian98
Basic position/force control of a single-axis arm designed with an ultrasonic motor
F. Nagata, K. Ogiwara, K. Watanabe102
Study on discrete adiabatic quantum computation in 3-SAT problems
M. El-fiky, S. Ono, S. Nakayama107
A control method with pheromone information for a transport system
Y. Imoto, Y. Tsuji, E. Kondo112
Cooperative swarm control for multiple mobile robots using only information from PSD sensors
F. Nagata, T. Yamashiro, K. Watanabe116
An adaptive resolution hybrid binary-real coded genetic algorithm
O.A. Abdul-Rahman, M. Munetomo, K. Akama121


Original Articles
The study of path error for an omnidirectional home care mobile robot
J.-T. Zou, F.-C. Chiang, K.L. Su127
A* search algorithm applied to a Chinese chess game
K.-L. Su, C.-Y. Chung, J.-T. Zou, T.-Y. Hsu131
Multi-robot-based intelligent security system
Y.-L. Liao, K.-L. Su137
A playmate robot system for playing the rock-paper-scissors game with humans
H.S. Ahn, I.-K. Sa, D.-W. Lee, D. Choi142
Dynamic analysis of dorsal thermal images
A. Nozawa, Y. Takei147
Camera position estimation and feature extraction from an incomplete image of a landmark
K.-H. Hsia, S.-F. Lien, J.-P. Su152
Autonomous acquisition of cooperative behavior based on a theory of mind using parallel genetic network programming
K. Minoya, T. Arita, T. Omori157
Geometrical analysis and design of a motion transmitting element for mobile vehicles
M. Komori, F. Takeoka, J. Kang, Y. Kimura162
Proposal for a new concept for a robot in which the constructing module can be exchanged seamlessly
S. Takahashi, K. Miyata, Y. Kitazono, L. Zhang, S. Serikawa165
Analysis of a manipulator in relation to collision between a link and an object
A. Sato, O. Sato, N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi169
Fuzzy programming for mixed-integer optimization problems
Y.-C. Lin, Y.-C. Lin, K.-L. Su, W.-C. Lin, T.-H. Chen174
Neuro PID control of power generation using a low temperature gap
K.-Y. Han, H.-H. Lee178
Behavior emergence of a virtual creature living in complex environments
K. Iwadate, I. Suzuki, M. Yamamoto, M. Furukawa185
Development of a motion analysis system using acceleration sensors for tennis and its evaluations
K. Fuji, H. Tamura, T. Maeda, K. Tanno190
Digital-signal-waveform improvement on VLSI packaging including inductances
H. Shimada, S. Akita, M. Ishiguro, N. Aibe, I. Yoshihara, M. Yasunaga194
Improvement of early recognition of gesture patterns based on a self-organizing map
A. Shimada, M. Kawashima, R. Taniguchi198
A nonholonomic control method for stabilizing an X4-AUV
Z.M. Zain, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi, I. Nagai202
Toward the enhancement of biped locomotion and control techniques: walking pattern classification
B. Yuksel, K. Leblebicioğlu208
Parallelizing fuzzy rule generation using GPGPU
T. Uenishi, T. Nakashima, N. Fujimoto214
A visual debugger for developing RoboCup soccer 3D agents
Y. Nakamura, T. Nakashima219
User study of a life-supporting humanoid directed in a multimodal language
T. Oka, T. Abe, K. Sugita, M. Yokota224
Development of a pulse control-type MEMS microrobot with a hardware neural network
K. Okazaki, T. Ogiwara, D. Yang, K. Sakata, K. Saito, Y. Sekine, F. Uchikoba229
Observer-based control of a manipulator system with structured uncertainty
N. Takahashi, M. Yokomichi, O. Sato, M. Kono234
Properties of localized oscillatory excitation in a nonlinear oscillatory field
R. Miyata, K. Kurata239
Automatic detection of the topographical distribution of EEG rhythms based on an iterative adjustment of the averaged reference potential
B. Wang, X. Wang, A. Ikeda, T. Nagamine, H. Shibasaki, M. Nakamura243
An analysis of a firm's capacity in Mazda's Keiretsu
T. Ito, R. Takida, S. Matsuno, R. Mehta, Y. Ishida, M. Sakamoto248
Traffic signal control for a multi-forked road
C. Cui, M. Takamura, H. Lee253
Video object segmentation using color-component-selectable learning for a self-organizing maps
N. Kamiura, S. Umata, A. Saitoh, T. Isokawa, N. Matsui258
Crutch gait pattern for robotic orthoses by the use of feature extraction
I.H. Jang, J.-Y. Jung, D.Y. Lee, D.W. Lee, H.S. Park262
Quantitative evaluation of body-sway caused by tactile apparent movement
K. Mogi, M. Uchida266
A survey of genetic algorithm-based face recognition
F. Dai, N. Kushida, L. Shang, M. Sugisaka271


Original Articles
Motion planning for a landmine-detection robot
K.-L. Su, H.-S. Su, S.-W. Shiao, J.-H. Guo277
Research on the velocity variation method for precise motion transmission
M. Komori, J. Kang, Y. Kimura, F. Takeoka281
A study of SVM using a combination of the online learning method and the midpoint-validation method
H. Tamura, T. Yoshimatsu, S. Yamashita, K. Tanno283
On the use of human instruction for improving the behavior of RoboCup soccer agents
Y. Nakamura, T. Nakashima288
A multimodal language to communicate with life-supporting robots through a touch screen and a speech interface
T. Oka, H. Matsumoto, R. Kibayashi292
Transactions and cross shareholdings in Mazda's Keiretsu: a centrality analysis
T. Ito, E. Niki, R. Takida, R. Mehta, K. Passerini, M. Sakamoto297
Medical image diagnosis of lung cancer by a revised GMDH-type neural network using various kinds of neuron
T. kondo, J. Ueno301
Super-twisting second-order sliding mode control for a synchronous reluctance motor
H.-K. Chiang, W.-B. Lin, Y.-C. Chang, C.-C. Fang307
Country domain governance: an analysis by data-mining of country domains
K.T. Nakahira, Y. Mikami, H. Namba, M. Takeshita, S. Kodama311
Design of an android robot head for stage performances
D. Choi, D.-W. Lee, D.Y. Lee, H.S. Ahn, H. Lee315
Facial expression recognition of a speaker using vowel judgment and thermal image processing
Y. Yoshitomi, T. Asada, K. Shimada, M. Tabuse318
Analysis of speech signals based on frequency distribution and intonation
A. Nozawa, N. Ohta324
A learning method for dynamic Bayesian network structures using a multi-objective particle swarm optimizer
K. Shibata, H. Nakano, A. Miyauchi329
Fault-tolerant image filter design using particle swarm optimization
Z. Bao, F. Wang, X. Zhao, T. Watanabe333
Trajectory control of biomimetic robots for demonstrating human arm movements
T. Kashima, M. Iwaseya338
A method to improve the stability of adaptive steering driver-vehicle systems
S. Tamaru, J. Zhuo, M. Oya, Q. Wang343
Digital adaptive control of a winged rocket applicable to abort flight
T. Shimozawa, S. Sagara348
An intelligent support system for presentation-based meta-learning
K. Seta, M. Ikeda352
Outdoor autonomous navigation using SURF features
M. Tabuse, T. Kitaoka, D. Nakai356
Localization algorithm using a virtual label for a mobile robot in indoor and outdoor environments
K.H. Yu, M.C. Lee, J.H. Heo, Y.G. Moon361
Visualizing language evolution as an emergent phenomenon based on biological evolution and learning
T. Azumagakito, R. Suzuki, T. Arita366
Implementation of a probabilistic model-building co-evolutionary algorithm
T. Otani, T. Arita373
A novel variable structure theory applied in design for wheeled mobile robots
C.-C. Wang378
A two-variable silicon neuron circuit based on the Izhikevich model
N. Mizoguchi, Y. Nagamatsu, K. Aihara, T. Kohno383
Prediction of the electron flux environment in geosynchronous orbit using a neural network technique
K. Kitamura, Y. Nakamura, M. Tokumitsu, Y. Ishida, S. Watari389
A vision-taste interference model and the EEG measurement
H. Tanaka, Y. Sato393
Blood flow velocity waveforms in the middle cerebral artery at rest and during exercise
T. Matsuo, S. Watanabe, M. Sorimachi, M. Kanda, Y. Ohta, T. Takahashi398
Evaluation of an optimal design method for a multilayer perceptron by using the design of experiments
E. Inohira, H. Yokoi403
The inevitability of the bio-molecules: five nitrogenous bases and twenty amino acids
K. Naitoh, K. Hashimoto, H. Inoue407
Facial expression recognition of a speaker using front-view face judgment, vowel judgment, and thermal image processing
T. Fujimura, Y. Yoshitomi, T. Asada, M. Tabuse411
Depth calculation by using face detection ASIC
S. Choi, J. Jeong, J. Cho418
Performance evaluation of immunity-based statistical en-route filtering in wireless sensor networks
Y. Watanabe422
Proposal of a recommender system simulator based on a small-world model
R. Saga, K. Okamoto, H. Tsuji, K. Matsumoto426
Developing a monitoring psychological stress index system via photoplethysmography
M. Abbod, Y.-R. Chiou, S.-H. Yang, S.-Z. Fan, J.-S. Shieh430


Invited Talks
Social playware for mediating tele-play interaction over distance
H.H. Lund, T. Thorsteinsson435
An educational tool for interactive parallel and distributed processing
L. Pagliarini, H.H. Lund441
Original Articles
Simultaneous cognitive origin of life and information
K. Ohnishi448
Organizational structure of Mazda's Keiretsu a graph theoretic analysis
S. Tagawa, T. Ito, R. Mehta, K. Passerini, K. Voges, M. Sakamoto455
Some considerations on user interface switching functions for those weaker at IT
S. Inenaga, K. Sugita, T. Oka, M. Yokota460
A master-slave control system for a semi-autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator system
K. Kawano, T. Shimozawa, S. Sagara465
Development of under water-use humanoid robot
Y. Li, E. Shimizu, M. Ito469
A comparison of learning performance in two-dimensional Q-learning by the difference of Q-values alignment
K.T. Aung, T. Fuchida473
Subsurface imaging for anti-personal mine detection by Bayesian super-resolution with a smooth-gap prior
S. Kozawa, T. Takenouchi, K. Ikeda478
Engine for brain development: similarity between engine and brain
K. Naitoh, H. Kawanobe482
A human-machine cooperative system for generating sign language animation using thermal image processing, a fuzzy algorithm, and simulated annealing
T. Asada, Y. Yoshitomi486
Effect of interaction between rules on rule dynamics in a multi-group minority game
T. Sato493
Application of neural network swarm optimization for paddy-field classification from remote sensing data
K. Mori, T. Yamaguchi, J.G. Park, K.J. Mackin497
Mutual learning of multi-consciousness agents, including an ego for an autonomous vehicle
H. Matsui, A. Mori, J. Tsuzuku502
A new method for mobile robots to avoid collision with moving obstacle
Y. Zhu, T. Zhang, J. Song, X. Li, M. Nakamura507
Development and evaluation of satellite image data analysis infrastructure
A. Nakamura, J.G. Park, K. Matsushita, K.J. Mackin, E. Nunohiro511
Path planning for an autonomous mobile robot considering a region with a velocity constraint in a real environment
T.H. Kim, K. Goto, H. Igarashi, K. Kon, N. Sato, F. Matsuno514
Color influences on human beings evaluated by nasal skin temperature
T. Mizuno, N. Nakategawa, Y. Kume519
Self-organizing stability of the food web that emerges from the evolution of restrictions on speciation
H. Ochiai, R. Suzuki, T. Arita523
A high-speed 3-D image measurement method
K. Sun, C. Lu526
Bottom-up pyramid cellular acceptors with four-dimensional layers
Y. Uchida, T. Ito, M. Sakamoto, T. Ide, K. Uchida, R. Katamune, H. Furutani, M. Kono, S. Ikeda, T. Yoshinaga529
Asynchronous migration for parallel genetic programming on a computer cluster with multi-core processors
S. Kurose, K. Yamamori, M. Aikawa, I. Yoshihara533
Implementation of real-time distributed control for discrete event robotic systems using Petri nets
G. Yasuda537
New acoustic positioning system for an underwater robot using multiple frequencies
X. Gao, F. Zhang, M. Ito542
A model-adaptive evolutionary algorithm for optimization
Y. Tenne, K. Izui, S. Nishiwaki546
3-D face recognition method based on optimum 3-D image measurement technology
H. Kamitomo, C. Lu551
Cooperating systems of four-dimensional finite automata
Y. Uchida, T. Ito, M. Sakamoto, K. Uchida, T. Ide, R. Katamune, H. Furutani, M. Kono, T. Yoshinaga555
Emergence of observable rules in a spatial game system
K. Harada, Y. Ishida559
A systemic payoff in a self-repairing network
M. Tokumitsu, Y. Ishida563
Effects of a membrane formation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma
Y. Katsumata, Y. Ishida567
A dynamic Houjin (square) and a symmetric Houjin
Y. Tsuzuki, Y. Ishida571
A diagrammatic classification in a combinatorial problem: the case of the stable marriage problem
T. Hayashi, Y. Hata, Y. Ishida575
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