Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume14 - 2009


Original Articles
3D amoeboid migration of a eukaryotic cell in a fiber matrix
D. L. Ly, C. J. Lumsden
Development of a cooperative power trading system using satisfaction space technology
T. Maruo, K. Matsumoto, N. Mori
Gene subset selection using an iterative approach based on genetic algorithms
M. S. Mohamad, S. Omatu, S. Deris, M. Yoshioka
Particle swarm optimization for gene selection in classifying cancer classes
M. S. Mohamad, S. Omatu, S. Deris, M. Yoshioka
Defect detection method using rotational using morphlogy
M. Yoshioka, S. Omatu
Criterion for optimal image resolution using SIFT
M. Yoshioka, Y. Maeda, S. Omatu
ARRBFNs with SVR for prediction of chaotic time series with outliers
Y.-Y. Fu, C.-J. Wu, C.-N. Ko, J.-T. Jeng, L.-C. Lai
Moving robot's mind of autonomous decentralized FMS and mind change control
H. Yamamoto, H. Kikuchi, T. Yamada, M. A. Jamali
A moving object tracking based on color information employing a particle filter algorithm
B. Sugandi, H. Kim, J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa
Development of a new positioning system for underwater robot based on sensor network
B. Fu, F. Zhang, M. Ito, Y. Watanabe, T. Aoki
Understanding user commands by evaluating fuzzy linguistic information based on visual attention
A. G. B. P. Jayasekara, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi
Synchronous reluctance motor speed drive using sliding mode controller based on Gaussian radial basis function neural network
C.-A. Chen, H.-K. Chiang, W.-B. Lin, C.-H. Tseng
A PSO method with nonlinear time-varying evolution for optimal design of PID controllers in a pendubot system
P.-Y. Chen, C.-J. Wu, Y.-Y. Fu, C.-N. Ko, L.-C. Lai
A fast identification algoritym with outliers under Box-Cox transformation-based annealing robust radial basis function networks
P.-Y. Chen, C.-J. Wu, C.-N. Ko, J.-T. Jeng
Group behavior of agents with an emotional model
S.Hiroshige, H. Asano, M. Uchida, H. Ide
Basic examination concerning multiagent cooperation with entrainment
H. Asano, H. Suzuki, M. Uchida, H. Ide
Basic study about cooperation movement between a human and an agent with entrainment
M. Saito, H. Asano, M. Uchida, H. Ide
An analysis of expression data using a support vector machine and dimensional reduction methods
M. Yoshioka, N. Shimoda, S. Omatu
Research on the intelligence control algorithm for a robot joint actuated by McKibben muscles
H. Zhao, M.Sugisaka, L. Cui, G. Shi
A method for expressing human posture as 3DCG using thermal image processing and 3D model fitting
T. Asada, Y. Yoshitomi
Image-guided searching for a landmark
C.-C. Wang, S.-F. Lien, K.-H. Hsia, J.-P. Su


Original Articles
A consideration of the process of co-creation of value with customers
Y. Fujioka
Construction of a supermicro sense of force feedback and vision for micro-objects: development of a haptic device
R. Uehara, E. Hayashi
Correlation-based similarity metrics in MBR for ordered data
D. Nakahigashi, S. Aoki, Z. Sheng, H. Tsuji, X.-J. Shi
Multiple self-organizing maps for a visuo-motor system that uses multiple cameras with different fields of view
N. Okada, J. Qiu, K. Nakamura, E. Kondo
Three-dimensional medical image recognition of cancer of the liver by a revised radial basis function (RBF) neural network algorithm
M. Nakagawa, T. Kondo, T. Kudo, S. Takao, J. Ueno
Three-dimensional medical image analysis of the heart by the revised GMDH-type neural network self-selecting optimum neural network architecture
C. Kondo, T. Kondo, J. Ueno
On-line tuning PID parameters in an idling engine based on a modified BP neural network by particle swarm optimization
J.-M. Yin, J.-S. Shin, H.-H. Lee
Traffic signal control based on a predicted traffic jam distribution
C.-Y. Cui, J.-S. Shin, F. Shoji, H.-H. Lee
Production adjusting method based on the predicted distribution of production and inventory using a dynamic Bayesian network
Y.-H. Park, J.-S. Shin, K.-Y. Woo, F. Shoji, H.-H. Lee
A study on postural optimization for bicycle exercise based on electromyography
S. Matsumoto, T. Tokuyasu, K. Ohba
Modeling and deforming a virtual dense elastic object with the haptic device PHANToM
H. Takada, N. Abe, Y. Kinosita, H. Taki, T. Tokuyasu, S. He
Pipe inspection robot using a wireless communication system
D. Wu, H. Ogai, Y. Yeh, K. Hirai, T. Abe, G. Sato
Swing-up control of a 3-DOF acrobot using an evolutionary approach
R. Fukushima, E. Uezato
Roll of the rhythmic component in the proactive control of a human hand
H. Hayashi, Y. Tamura, K. Sugawara, Y. Sawada
High survivability of a large colony through a small-world relationship
M. Kubo, H. Sato, T. Matsubara, C. Melhuish
Robust optimization using multi-objective particle swarm optimization
S. Ono, Y. Yoshitake, S. Nakayama
Development of programming language Espace and its application to parallel and distributed evolutionary computation
T. Iwakawa, S. Ono, S. Nakayama
Real-time estimation system of the gaze position based on an electrooculogram
X. Zhang, T. Sugi, X. Wang, M. Nakamura
Simultaneous localization and mapping of a wheel-based autonomous vehicle with ultrasonic sensors
S. Jung, J. Kim, S. Kim
A study on the effect of morphological filters on computer-aided medical image diagnosis
N. Homma, Y. Kawai, S. Shimoyama, T. Ishibashi, M. Yoshizawa
Reliable EOG signal-based control approach with EEG signal judgment
T. Zhang, C. Chen, M. Nakamura
An algorithm for the automatic generation of an assembly process for modular fixture parts
T. Yamada, Y. Funahashi, H. Yamamoto
Systematization of error recovery in skill-based manipulation
A. Nakamura, T. Kotoku
Man-machine interface for modular robot systems
T. Goto, M. Uchida, H. Asano, A. Nozawa, H. Onogaki, T. Mizuno, H. Ide, S. Yokoyama
Autonomous reconfiguration of robot shape by using Q-learning
S. Shiba, M. Uchida, A. Nozawa, H. Asano, H. Onogaki, T. Mizuno, H. Ide, S. Yokoyama
Success rates in a multimodal command language for home robot users
T. Oka, T. Abe, K. Sugita, M. Yokota
Construction of a robot control system which understands a voice and pointing actions
Y. Takenaka, N. Abe, Y. Tabuchi, H. Taki, S. He
Integration of a stereo vision system and a laser range finder for 3-D construction
Y.-Z. Chang, J. -F. Hou, Y.- P. Chang, S. –T. Lee
Covariance-based recognition using an incremental learning approach
H. E. Osman
Detection of a brain aneurysm and a way to search for a brain aneurysm aimed at the development of a system to simulate an operation
T. Miyagi, N. Abe, Y. Kinoshita, T. Tokuyasu, H. Taki, S. He
Developing a module-based security system for an intelligent home
K.-L. Su, S.-H. Chia, S.-V. Shiau, J.-H. Guo
Detection system of a security robot using multisensor fusion algorithms
T.-L. Chien, J.-H. Tzou, C.-C. Wang, K.-L. Su
High-speed laser localization for a restaurant service mobile robot
J.-H. Tzou, K. L. Su
Motion planning for mobile robots using a laser range finder
J.-H. Guo, K.-L. Su, C.-J. Wu, S.-V. Shiau
Modeling towards homeostatic plasticity in neuronal activities
S. Fernando, S. Matsuzaki, A. Marasinghe
A novel genetic algorithm with different structure selection for circuit design optimization
Z. Bao, T. Watanabe
Feature map sharing hypercolumn model for shift invariant face recognition
S. Aly, N. Tsuruta, R. Taniguchi
Development of a flexible autonomous robot without sensors or controllers
R. Anzai, K. Ito
Determination of time to contact using a compound eye sensor
Y. Kaneta, Y. Katsuyama, K. Ito
Intelligent control of a three-DOF planar underactuated manipulator
S. C. Duong, H. Kinjo, E. Uezato, T. Yamamoto
Integrative Bayesian model on two opposite types of sensory adaptation
Y. Sato, K. Aihara
Implementation of an ant colony system for DNA sequence optimization
Z. Ibrahim, T. B. Kurniawan, N. K. Khalid, S. Sudin, M. Khalid
Concurrent localization of multiple robots
J. H. Park, J. Y. Cheong, T. K. Yang, J. M. Lee


Invited Talk
Making decisions in a two-stage identification system with knowledge updating
K. Brzostowski, J. Swiatek
Original Articles
A central pattern generator circuit for rhythmic robotic chewing locomotion in low-voltage analog CMOS technology
M. S. Rezaul Hasan, W. L. Xu
Development of a basic air-cooling fuzzy control system for hypothermia
H. Wakamatsu, T. Utsuki
Modeling the patrol behavior of the Diacamma's gamergate
K. Sugawara, K. Yaegashi, Y. Hayashi, T. Kikuchi, K. Tsuji
Quadruped virtual robot simulation in a virtual environment obeying physical laws
K. Miyoshi, N. Abe, Y. Tabuchi, H. Taki, S. He
Development of an indoor navigation system for a monocular-vision-based autonomous mobile robot
E. Hayashi, T. Kinoshita
Development of a desktop swarm robot system based on pheromone communication
N. Kitamura, Y. Nakamichi, K. Fukuda
Module production, centrality, and M&A in the keiretsu of Mazda
H. Kimura, T. Ito, Z. Xia
Determinants of information systems outsourcing: an empirical investigation in Japan
S. Matsuno, T. Ito, Z. Xia
Unconstrained and noninvasive measurement of bioelectric signal from small fish
M. Terawaki, A. Hirano, Z. Soh, T. Tsuji
Prediction of human eye movements in facial discrimination tasks
S. Nishida, T. Shibata, K. Ikeda
Trajectory tracking control of mobile robots without using longitudinal velocity measurements
K. Maeda, M. Oya, Q. Wang, K. Okumura
Robust oscillation control of wheeled mobile robots
Y. Tsuchida, M. Oya, N. Takagi, Q. Wang
Unsupervised learning method for a support vector machine and its application to surface electromyogram recognition
H. Tamura, S. Kawano, K. Tanno
Evolutionary acquisition of behavior to build structural objects by virtual creatures
K. Oomiya, K. Nakamura, K. Suzuki
Self-organization of orientation-selective and ocular-dominance maps through spike-timing-dependent plasticity
K. Iwayama, K. Aihara, H. Suzuki
Group feature extraction based on matrix factorization from long-range office-logging data
I. Kita, T. Shibata, Y. Kamiya, D. Kato, K. Kunieda, K. Yamada, K. Ikeda
The effects of the trophic level on the stability of food webs
H. Ochiai, R. Suzuki, T. Arita
Remarks on the tracking method of neural network weight change for a learning-type neural network feed-forward feed-back controller
T. Yamada
Robust I∞ preview control for biped walking pattern generation
S. Kunimatsu, T. Fukuda, M. Kumon, M. Ishitobi
Cooperative manipulation of a floating object by some space robots with joint velocity controllers:application of a tracking control method using the transpose of the generalized Jacobian matrix
S. Sagara, Y. Taira
Electric wheelchair control with gaze direction and eye blinking
D. Purwanto, R. Mardiyanto, K. Arai
Workspace mapping based on multisensor information fusion using heterogeneous onboard sensors
M. Miyake, H. Takai, K. Tachibana
A unfilled motion planning method for a multifunctional underwater robot
K. Shiraishi, H. Kimura
Use of multi-objective genetic rule selection for examining the effectiveness of inter-vehicle communication in traffic simulations
Y. Hamada, Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Evolution of cooperative behavior among heterogeneous agents with different strategy representations in an iterated prisoner's dilemma game
H. Ohyanagi, Y. Wakamatsu, Y. Nakashima, Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Incorporation of user preference into multi-objective genetic fuzzy rule selection for pattern classification problems
Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Modeling layered artificial neural networks using a visual programming paradigm
K. J. Mackin
Hierarchies based on the number of cooperating systems of three-dimensional finite automata
Y. Uchida, M. Sakamoto, S. Okatani, K. Kajisa, M. Fukuda, T. Matsukawa, A. Taniue, T. Ito, H. Furutani, M. Kono
Using the spatial dilemma strategies to model agents' commitments for a coalition formation
D. T. Nguyen, Y. Katsumata, M. Tokumitsu, Y. Ishida
Current control of a PWM power amplifier by an approximate 2-degree-of–freedom digital controller
K. Fujita, K. Higuchi, K. Nakano, K. Matsushita, T. Kajikawa, F. Chino
Competitive co-evolutionary algorithms can solve function optimization problems
T. Sato, T. Arita


Plenary Talks
Graph-based semi-supervised learning
C. Zhang, F. Wang
The Pareto operating curve for risk minimization
H. A. Abbass, A. Bender
Invited Talks
Optimal monitoring system for a distributed intrusion detection system
A. P. Grzech
The design of a brain sensory organ monitoring thinking activity inside the knowledge system: the brain system
J. Shim
Original Articles
Some considerations of user interface switching to support the weaker user
Y. Maeda, K. Sugita, T. Oka, T. Morizono, Y. Yokota
Marketing strategy with the introduction of customer relationship management: in the case of financial institutions
T. Yamaguchi
Neuro-based olfactory model for artificial organoleptic tests
Z. Soh, T. Tsuji, N. Takiguchi, H. Ohtake
Generating function of color information detection using genetic programming
T. Ogawa, N. Oshiro, H. Kinjo
Adaptive sensor arrays for acoustic monitoring of bird behavior and diversity: preliminary results on source identification using support vector machines
E. E. Vallejo, C. E. Taylor
A novel compact genetic algorithm using offspring survival evolutionary strategy
J. –H. Seok, J. –J. Lee
Motion analysis of a tripod parallel mechanism
Y. Hitaka, Y. Tanaka, Y. Tanaka, K. Ichiryu
Reverse engineering of spatiotemporal patterns in the spatial prisoner's dilemma
T. Ueda, Y. Ishida
Motion estimation based on optical flow and an artificial neural network (ANN)
J. Zhang, F. Zhang, M. Ito
A visual-inspection system using a self-organizing map
K. Ikeda, M. Yasunaga, Y. Yamaguchi, Y. Yamamoto, I. Yoshihara
Sub-sea fiber optic cable maintenance using a ROV-based flux leakage expert system
Md. R. Hedayati
Three-dimensional human motion modeling by back-projection based on image-based camera calibration
S. Masaoka, J. K. Tan, H. Kim, T. Shinomiya, S. Ishikawa
Revised GMDH-type neural network algorithm self-selecting optimum neural network architecture
C. Kondo, T. Kondo
A new grasp quality measure considering the physical limits of robot hands
H. Jeong, J. Park, J. Choeng
A hub gene in an HIV-1 gene regulatory network is a promising target for anti-HIV-1 drugs
K. Harada, Y. Ishida
A time-dependent threshold condition to determine the onset of AIDS
K. Harada, Y. Ishida
Memory retention process by balancing the neutral energy point in a brain-inspired system
J. Shim
Vibration suppression control of a flexible arm using a nonlinear observer with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation
J. I. M. Martinez, K. Nakano, S. Umerujan
Origin of the word-initial consonant system of the Japanese-Ryukyuan (JR) language from the Oceanic consonant system: elucidation by JR-Oceanic consonant correspondence laws
K. Ohnishi
Towards a brief proof of the Four-Color Theorem without using a computer: theorems to be used for proving the Four-Color Theorem
K. Ohnishi
AKP energy levels by a simple shooting scheme for a periodic orbit
K. Kudo, T. Shimada
Synchronization and periodic windows in a globally coupled map lattice
T. Shimada, K. Kudo, T. Moriya
Sound-correspondence laws of word-initial consonants between proto-Indo-European and Austronesian languages
K. Ohnishi
Robust control method for the inverted pendulum system with structured uncertainty caused by measurement error
N. Takahashi, O. Sato, M. Kono
Neural network-based Smith predictor design for the time-delay in a tele-operated control system
H. J. Choi, S. Jung
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