Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume13 - 2008


Original Articles
Vibration control of load for rotary crane system using neural network with GA-based training
K. Nakazono, K. Ohnishi, H. Kinjo, T. Yamamoto
Suitability of using microcontrollers in implementing new P-system communications architectures
A. Gutiérrez, L. Fernández, F. Arroyo, S. Alonso
Main modules design for a HW implementation of massive parallelism in transition P- systems
S. Alonso, L. Fernández, F. Arroyo, J. Gil
Networked reinforcement learning
M. Oku, K. Aihara
An integrated circuit design of a silicon neuron and its measurement results
M. Sekikawa, T. Kohno, K. Aihara
Analysis and modeling of ants’ behavior from single to multi-body
Y. Hayashi, M. Yuki, K. Sugawara, T. Kikuchi, K. Tsuji
Fuzzy sliding mode control for a robot manipulator
H. Q. Thinh Ngo, J.-H. Shin, W.-H. Kim
Adaptive crossover, mutation and selection using fuzzy system for genetic algorithms
S.-M. Im, J.-J. Lee
Adaptive robust fuzzy control for path tracking of a wheeled mobile robot
N. H. Giap, J.-H. Shin, W.-H. Kim
Learning type PID control system using input dependence reinforcement scheme
H. Sawada, J.-S. Shin, F. Shoji, H.-H. Lee
A cooperative behavior learning control of multi-robot using trace information
T. Ohshita, J.-S. Shin, M. Miyazaki, H.-H. Lee
Stochastic model of production and inventory control using dynamic bayesian network
J.-S. Shin, T.-H. Lee, J.-I. Kim, H.-H. Lee
A fuzzy logic based approach to the SLAM problem using pseudolinear models with multiframe data association
C. D. Pathiranage, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi
A computational model of emotion through the perspective of benevolent agents for a cooperative task
S. C. Banik, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi
A probabilistic simulator for population dynamics of quasispecies
M. Fujisawa, Y. Ishida
Reverse engineering of spatial patterns in cellular automata
Y. Ichise, Y. Ishida
Synchrony in a self-repair network with a simple lattice
M. Tokumitsu, Y. Ishida
Antibody-based computing
K. Harada, Y. Ishida
The medical diagnostic support system using extended Rough Neural Network and Multiagent
D. Yamaguchi, F. Katayama, M. Takahashi, M. Arai, K. J. Mackin
Adaptive immunity based reinforcement learning
J. Ito, K. Nakano, K. Sakurama, S. Hosokawa
The diversification of proto-cells driven by membrane permselectivity
M. Hatakeyama, T. Hashimoto
2D artificial life system using network-type assembly-like language: influence of change in environment with costs of instructions
Y. Shiraishi, F. Takeda
Design of robotic behavior that imitates animal consciousness
E. Hayashi, M. Shimono
System of personal identification by using tactile stimuli
Y. I. Park, M. Uchida
Universality in globally coupled maps and flows
T. Moriya, T. Shimada, H. Fujigaki
Orbit systematics in anisotropic Kepler problem
K. Kubo, T. Shimada
Integration of PSO and GA for optimum design of fuzzy PID controllers in a pendubot system
Y.-Y. Fu, C.-J. Wu, T.-L. Chien, C.-N. Ko
Probabilistic models considering dependent relation in reasoning for decision-making
R. Azuma, H. Miyagi
Production layout design system by GA with one by one encoding method
H. Yamamoto, J. Abu Qudeiri, T. Yamada, R. Rizauddin
Barcode design by evolutionary computation
S. Ono, K. Morinaga, S. Nakayama
3D registration of human face using evolutionary computation and Kriging interpolation
Y.-Z. Chang, Z.-R. Tsai, S.-T. Lee
Using interactive evolutionary computation to generate creative building designs
A. Serag, S. Ono, S. Nakayama
A rescue robot designed for ease of use: development of exploration system using behavior of bombycid
D. Tamura, A. Fujino, K. Ito
Positioning and navigation of mobile robot
N. Mokhtar, M. Sugisaka, L. T. Lung, A. Hamzah, M. Mubin, N. Md Shah
Realization of flock behavior by using Tau-margin
A. Yokokawa, K. Ito
Broiler-house environment monitoring system using sensor network and mail delivery system
A. Niimi, M. Wada, K. Ito, M. Toda, K. Hatanaka, O. Konishi
SOM for classifying data sets with missing values: application to clinical data of bladder cancer patients
T. Yamaguchi, K. J. Mackin, K. Matsumoto, H. Okusa
Natural actor-critic with baseline adjustment for variance reduction
T. Morimura, E. Uchibe, K.Doya
A neural network model of the olfactory system of mice: simulated the tendency of attention behavior
Z. Soh, T Tsuji, N. Takiguchi, H. Ohtake
Remarks on tracking method of neural network weight change for adaptive type neural network feedforward feedback controller
T. Yamada
Real-time Measurement of pointing action by using DSP
T. Shiofuku, N. Abe, Y. Tabuchi, H. Taki, S. He
Effects of constructing fuzzy discretization from crisp discretization for rule-based classifiers
I. Kuwajima, Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Face recognition under varying illumination using Mahalanobis self-organizing map
S. Aly, N. Tsuruta, R. Taniguchi
Extracting mobile objects by sequential background detection on a video
Y. Sakai, M. Miyoshi, J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa
Proposal of a method to extract straight line and circle using one-dimensional histogram
S. Nakashima, S. Serikawa
Motion capture employing an uncalibrated camera
J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa, K. Kouno, H. Ohbuchi, H. Kim
Obtaining accurate classifiers with Pareto-optimal and near Pareto-optimal rules
I. Kuwajima, Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Three-dimensional object recognition using laser range sensor
E. Hayashi, T. Mochizuki
Human motions representation and recognition by directional motion history images
M. Fukumoto, T. Ogata, J. K. Tan, H. S. Kim, S. Ishikawa
Development of rescue manipulator to search narrow space for victims
A. Hirayama, K. Ito
Three-dimensional scanner of a pipe with tilt detection
K. Kawasue, S. Sakai, T. Wakiyama, S. Oyama, H. Senda
T. Kai, Y. Shimada, K. Ito
Timing control of the mobile robot using Tau-margin
Development of distance recognition using an ocellus camera for an autonomous personal robot
T. Kinoshita, E. Hayashi
A time-scaling method for near-time-optimal control of an omni-directional robot along specified paths
Y.-Y. Fu, C.-J. Wu, K.-L. Su, C.-N. Ko
Digital control of space robot manipulators with velocity type joint controller using transpose of generalized Jacobian matrix
S. Sagara, Y. Taira
Object tracking for mobile robot based on intelligent method
M.-J. Lee, G.-H. Hwang
Three-dimensional parallel Turing machines
T. Ito, M. Sakamoto, H. Furutani, M. Kono, S. Ikeda
Remarks on the Recognizability of topological componentes by three-dimensional automata
M. Sakamoto, T. Ito, H. Furutani, M. Kono, S. Ikeda
Tele-immersive collaborative virtual environment for intuitive interpretation
N. Kukimoto, Y. Ebara, K. Koyamada
Digital type disturbance compensation control of a floating underwater robot with 2 link manipulator
T. Yatoh, S. Sagara, M. Tamura
Human breeders for evolving robots
O. Miglino, O. Gigliotta, M. Ponticorvo, H. H. Lund
Modelling asymmetry in the peripheral auditory system of the lizard
L. Zhang, J. Hallam, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard
Stochastic determinism underlying life - systematic theory for assisting the synthesis of artificial cells and new medicines
K. Naitoh
Engine for cerebral development
K. Naitoh
Biologically inspired decision-making in the robot platform MAMoRo
J. Al-Eryani
Some accepting powers of three-dimensional parallel Turing machines
M. Sakamoto, T. Ito, H. Furutani, M. Kono
A study of manipulator with passive revolute joint
A. Sato, O. Sato, N. Takahashi, M. Kono
A human-machine cooperative system for generating sign language animation using thermal image
T. Asada, Y. Yoshitomi, R. Hayashi
Design of nonlinear controllers for active vehicle suspension with state constraints
G. Makihara, M. Yokomichi, M. Kono
Development of a new underwater positioning system based on sensor network
B. Fu, F. Zhang, M. Ito, Y. Watanabe, T. Aoki
Nonlinear adaptive control system design and experiment for a 3-DOF model helicopter
M. Nishi, M. Ishitobi, K. Nakasaki
Path-bounded three-dimensional finite automata
M. Sakamoto, M. Fukuda, S. Okatani, T, Ito, H. Furutani, M. Kono
A relationship between Turing machines and finite automata on four-dimensional input tapes
M. Sakamoto, S. Okatani, M. Fukuda, T. Ito, H. Furutani, M. Kono
Bottom-up pyramid cellular acceptors with three-dimensional layers
M. Sakamoto, K. Kajisa, N. Tomozoe, T. Ito, H. Furutani, M. Koko, S. Ikeda
Marker versus inkdot over three-dimensional patterns
T. Ito, M. Sakamoto, H. Okabe, H. Furutani, M. Kono, S. Ikeda
Three dimensional measurement of fish movement using stereo vision
Y. Oya, K. Kawasue
Real-world applications on the reconfigurable-VLSI-based double-lens tracking-camera
M. Yasunaga, N. Aibe, Y. Yamaguchi, Y. Yamamoto, T. Awano, I. Yoshihara
Inevitability of spiral-shape in DNA
K. Naitoh, M. Yahiro
Inevitability of nTP: Information-energy carriers
K. Naitoh
Natural language understanding based on mental image description language Lmd and its application to language-centered robot manipulation
M. Yokota, K. Sugita, T. Oka
Backward movement control with two-trailer truck system using genetic programming
T. Ogawa, N. Oshiro, H. Kinjo
Rushing out detection system for safe driving using foveated image processing
M. Maeshiro, N. Oshiro, H. Kinjo


Plenary Talks
Haptics for medical applications
K. Ohnishi, T. Shimono, K. Natori
Membrane computing and brain modelling
M. Oswald
Invited Talks
Modular robotic tiles: experiments for children with autism
H.H. Lund, M.D. Pedersen, R. Beck
The development of robot art
L. Pagliarini, H.H. Lund
Artificial life and embodied robotics: current issues and future challenges
M. Eaton, J.J. Collins
Original Articles
A multi-objective strategy in genetic algorithms for gene selection of gene expression data
M.S. Mohamad, S. Omatu, S. Deris, M.F. Misman, M. Yoshioka
Selecting informative genes from microarray data by using hybrid methods for cancer classification
M.S. Mohamad, S. Omatu, S. Deris, M.F. Misman, M. Yoshioka
Applying a path planner based on RRT to cooperative multirobot box-pushing
T. Otani, M. Koshino
Intelligent desktop NC machine tool with compliant motion capability
F. Nagata, T. Hase, Z. Haga, M. Omoto, K. Watanabe
Automatic detection of blood vessels from CTA images employing morphological operation
Y. Itai, A. Yamamoto, H. Kim, J.K. Tan, S. Ishikawa
Effects of nongeometric binary crossover on multiobjective 0/1 knapsack problems
N. Tsukamoto, Y. Nojima, H. Ishibuchi
Data fusion for skin detection
J.A. Dargham, A. Chekima, S. Omatu, C.A. Doukim
A study of a jumping one-leg robot with two degrees of freedom
S.M. Najib, S. Yusoh, S. Yamashita, N. Kokubo, Y. Nomura
Prowling autonomous mobile robot with a network camera
R. Mizokami, Y. Tabuchi, N. Abe, H. Taki, S. He
A numerical solution of the stochastic discrete algebraic Riccati equation
N. Takahashi, M. Kono, T. Suzuki, O. Sato
RUNA: a multimodal command language for home robot users
T. Oka, T. Abe, K. Sugita, M. Yokota
Phase diagram and stability of ecosystems
Y. Murase, T. Shimada, N. Ito
Neurocontroller with a genetic algorithm for nonholonomic systems: flying robot and four-wheel vehicle examples
H. Kinjo, S.C. Duong, E. Uezato, T. Yamamoto
Trial-to-trial variability and its influence on higher-order statistics
K. Fujiwara, K. Aihara
Nonequilibrium dynamics of a reacting network system
A. Kamimura, T. Shimada, N. Ito
A dynamic associative memory system by adopting an amygdala model
T. Kuremoto, T. Ohata, K. Kobayashi, M. Obayashi
Online learning method using support vector machine for surface-electromyogram recognition
S. Kawano, D. Okumura, H. Tamura, H. Tanaka, K. Tanno
Robust object recognition using a color co-occurrence histogram and the spatial relations of image patches
H. Bang, S. Lee, D. Yu, I.H. Suh
An indoor localization system in a multiblock workspace
Y.F. Zu, M.G. Choi, J.M. Lee
Minimum Nomic: a tool for studying rule dynamics
M. Hatakeyama, T. Hashimoto
Cooperative control of multiple neural networks for an indoor blimp robot
H. Kawamura, H. Iizuka, T. Takaya, A. Ohuchi
Parts closure in a kinematic self-replicating programmable constructor
W.M. Stevens
VR interactive dialog system with verbal and nonverbal communication
S. Uchino, N. Abe, Y. Tabuchi, H. Taki, S. He
On the distribution of posterior probability in Bayesian inference with a large number of observations
A. Date
Adaptive particle allocation for multifocal visual attention based on particle filtering
N. Yano, T. Shibata, S. Ishii
A robust reinforcement learning using the concept of sliding mode control
M. Obayashi, N. Nakahara, T. Kuremoto, K. Kobayashi
Regression analysis of amino acid substitutions and factor IX activity in hemophilia B
M. Utsunomiya, M. Sakamoto, H. Furutani
Haplotype estimation from genotypical data by genetic algorithm
R. Azuma, M. Sakamoto, H. Furutani
A reinforcement learning method based on an immune network adapted to a semi-Markov decision process
N. Kogawa, M. Obayashi, K. Kobayashi, T. Kuremoto
Feature extraction of protein expression levels based on classification of functional foods with SOM
T. Fukushima, K. Yamamori, I. Yoshihara, K. Nagahama
Continuous fatigue level estimation for the classification of fatigued bills based on an acoustic signal feature by a supervised SOM
M. Teranishi, S. Omatu, T. Kosaka
Simulation of the oregonator model by using deterministic ARMS
M. Umeki, Y. Suzuki
Artificial living beings and robots: one robot, variety of influences
J. Horáková, J. Kelemen
A dynamic simulator for humanoid robots
T. Reichenbach
A simple method for simulating biochemical reaction networks.
M. Umeki, Y. Suzuki
Artificial neural network ensemble-based land-cover classifiers using MODIS data
T. Yamaguchi, K.J. Machin, E. Nunohiro, J.G. Park, K. Hara, K. Matsushita, M. Ohshiro, K. Yamasaki
Designing an algorithm for swarm behavior using the concept of Umwelt
R. Fujisawa, T. Hashimoto
An artificial life approach to dense stereo disparity
G. Olague, C.B. Pérez, F. Fernández, E. Lutton
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