Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume11 - 2006


Plenary Talks
Present state and future of Intelligent Space-Discussion on the implementation of RT in our environment-
H. Hashimoto
Development of future Intelligent Sweet Home for the disabled
J.-J. Lee, K.-H. Seo, C. Oh, Z. Z. Bien
Novel nonspeech tones for conceptualizing spatial information
S. Nomura, M. Tsuchinaga, Y. Nojima, T. Shiose, H. Kawakami, O. Katai, K. Yamanaka
Original Articles
Recognition of words expressed by sign language using thermal-image processing
Y. Yamaguchi, Y. Yoshitomi, H. Fushimi
A study of an autonomous mobile robot for a sewer inspection system
A. Ahrary, A. A. Nassiraei, M. Ishikawa
The new DFM approach based on a genetic algorithm
M. Yoshikawa, H. Terai
Emerging cell array based on reaction-diffusion
S. Miyashita, S. Murata
Searching performance of a real-coded genetic algorithm using biased probability distribution functions and mutation
H. Nakanishi, H. Kinjo, N. Oshiro, T. Yamamoto
A spoken language interface with a mobile robot
J. Bos, T. Oka
A self-organizing model of place cells with grid-structured receptive fields
N. Oshiro, K. Kurata, T. Yamamoto
Modeling and position control based on a two–mass system for a machine stand vibration system
S. Watanabe, R. Oguro, J. Kobayashi, F. Ohkawa
A method of creating a transparent space based on mixed reality
S. Hashimoto, J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa
Trajectory for saving energy of a direct-drive manipulator in throwing motion
A. Sato, O. Sato, N Takahashi, M. Kono
Research on a face recognition system by the genetic algorithm
F. Dai, T. Kodani, Y. Fujihara
Implementation of an intelligent personalized digital library system based on improved negotiation mobile multiagents
Y. I. Cho
Associative learning method in a hypercolumn model
A. Shimada, N. Tsuruta, R. Taniguchi
Digital tracking control of space robots using a transpose of the generalized Jacobian matrix
S. Sagara, Y. Taira
Driver fatigue detection using a genetic algorithm
S. Jin, S-Y. Park. J. -J. Lee
3-D Modeling of remote dynamic situations employing mobile stereocameras
I. Yamaguchi, J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa
Stochastic analysis of schema distribution in multiplicative landscape
H. Furutani, S. Katayama, M. Sakamoto, T. Ito
Kansei and human experience analysis for mobile robot navigation in a ubiquitous environment
J. C. Balasuriya, C. A. Marasinghe, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi
Evolutionary control of bipedal locomotion in a high degree- of- freedom humanoid robot:first steps
M. Eaton, T. J. Davitt
Emergent societies: advanced IT support of crisis relief missions
P. Sapaty, M. Sugisaka, R. Finkelstein, J. Delgado-Frias, N. Mirenkov
Partially interacted phosphorylation/ dephosphorylation trees extracted from signaling pathways in cells
J-Q. Liu, K. Shimohara
A bio-inspired tracking camera system
Y. Yamaguchi, M. Yasunaga, K. Hayashi, N. Aibe, Y. Yamamoto, I. Yoshihara
A functional motif discovery algorithm for invertebrate EST sequence data
M. Ohkubo, F. Aranishi
Morphogenesis of 3D sheets exploiting a spatial condition
S. Miyashita


Original Articles
A genetic approach to the design of autonomous agents for future trading
T. Nakashima, Y. Yokota, Y. Shoji, H. Ishibuchi
Design method for a new control system for an autonomous underwater vehicle using linear matrix inequalities
Y. Nasuno, E. Shimizu, M. Ito, I. Yamamoto, S. Tsukioka, H. Yoshida, T. Hyakudome, S. Ishibashi, T. Aoki
Development of a personified face emotion recognition technique using fitness function
M. Karthigayan, M. R. M. Juhari, R. Nagarajan, M. Sugisaka, S. Yaacob, M. R. Mamat, H. Desa
Hybrid tracking based on color histogram for intelligent space
K. Morioka, J.-H. Lee, Y. Kuroda, H. Hashimoto
Extraction rice-planted areas by RADARSAT data using neural networks
T. Konishi, S. Omatu, Y. Suga
Extraction of rice-planted area using a self-organizing feature map
T. Konishi, S. Omatsu, Y. Suga
A model for gene selection and classification of gene expression data
M. S. Mohamad, S. Omatu, S. Deris, S. Z. M. Hashim
The characteristics of McKibben muscle based on the pneumatic experiment system
M. Sugisaka, H. Zhao
A simple model of evolving ecosystems
T. Shimada, Y. Murase, S. Yukawa, N. Ito, K. Aihara153
Modeling of birdsong learning with a chaotic Elman network
M. Funabashi, K. Aihara162
Classification of the spike sequences by distinguishing their sources of temporal correlations
K. Fujiwara, K. Aihara167
Independent agents in a globalized world modelled by tissue P systems
M. Oswald171
Heterochrony and evolvability in neural network development
A. M. R. S. C. Matos, R. Suzuki, T. Arita175
Comparison of fuzzy control systems for hypothermal brain temperature regulation
H. Wakamatsu, T. Wakatsuki, T. Utsuki183
A phased reinforcement learning algorithm for complex control problems
T. Goto, N. Homma, M. Yoshizawa, K. Abe190
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