Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume10 - 2005


Plenary Talks
MOSFET implementation of class l neurons coupled by gap junctions
T. Takemoto, T. Kohno, K. Aihara
Original Articles
An image segmentation method using histograms and the human characteristics of HSI color space for a scene image
S. Ito, M. Yoshioka, S. Omatu, K. Kita, K. Kugo
Enhanced performance for multivariable optimization problems by use of GAs with recessive gene structure
E. Muhando, H. Kinjo, T. Yamamoto
A frame-based knowledge software tool for developing interactive robots
P. Kiatisevi, V. Ampornaramveth, H. Ueno
Secure cooperation in a distributed robot system using active RFIDs
M. Obayashi, H. Nishiyama, F. Mizoguchi
Noncontact impedance sensing
T. Kawahara, K. Tokuda, N. Tanaka, M. Kaneko
Information filtering using a probabilistic model
H. Yanagimoto, S. Omatu
Child-robot interaction mediated by building blocks: from field observations in a public space
M. Goan, H. Fujii, M. Okada
Minimal design for human-agent communication
N. Matsumoto, H. Fujii, M. Okada
Monitoring system of body movements for a bedridden patient
L.X. Dong, M. Tanaka, M. Ushijima, S. Moromugi, T. Ishimatsu
Intelligent vision system for dynamic environments
C. Pathirana, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi, H.Y.A. Hewawasam, L. Udawatta
3-D recovery of human motion by mobile stereo cameras
J.K. Tan, S. Ishikawa, I. Yamaguchi, T. Naito, M. Yokota
A hybrid SOF-PID controller for a MIMO biped robot
T.-Y. Choi, S.-Y. Park, J.-J. Lee
A cellular automata model considering diversity associated with HIV infection
H. Ueda, Y. Iwaya, T. Abe, T. Kinoshita
Can robot get “memberships” by social interaction?
H. Fujii, M. Okada
Predictive proportional nonlinear control for stable-target tracking of a mobile robot: an experimental study
M. Sugisaka, D. Hazry


Original Articles
Model and control of the locomotion of a biomimic musculoskeletal biped
D. Zhang, K. Zhu
Human-following robot using the particle filter in ISpace with distributed vision sensors
T. Jin, K. Morioka, H. Hashimoto
Identification of time- series signals using a dynamic neural network with GA-based training
K. Nakazono, K. Ohnishi, H. Kinjo
Digital RAC for underwater vehicle-manipulator systems considering singular configuration
S. Sagara, M. Tamura, T. Yatoh, K. Shibuya
High-speed human motion recovery employing back projection
M. Uchinoumi, J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa, T. Naito, M. Yokota
Information filtering using SVD and ICA
T. Yokoi, H. Yanagimoto, S. Omatu
An image recognition method by rough classification for a scene image
S. Ito, M. Yoshioka, S. Omatu, K. Kita, K. Kugo
A training machine with dynamic load-control function based on muscle activity information
S. Moromugi, S. J. Yoon, S. –H. Kim, M. Tanaka, Y. Ohgiya, N. Matsuzaka, T. Ishimatsu
Model-less visual servoing using modified simplex optimization
K. Miura, K. Hashimoto, H. Inooka, J. A. Gangloff, M. F. de Mathelin
Human-robot communication based on a mind model
M. Shiraishi, G. Capi, M. Yokota
Intelligent control for avoiding the joint limits of redundant planar manipulators
S. F. M. Assal, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi
Path planning based on geographical features information for an autonomous mobile robot
I. Zunaidi, N. Kato, Y. Nomura, H. Matsui
A comprehensive evaluation of the methods for evolving a cooperative team
Y. Suzuki, T. Arita
Adaptive occupancy grid mapping with clusters
B. –G. Jang, T.- Y. Choi, J. –J. Lee
Some properties of four-dimensional multicounter automata
M. Saito, M. Sakamoto, Y. Nakama, T. Ito, K. Inoue, H. Furutani, S. Katayama
Cost-function analysis of optimizing fuzzy-energy regions in the control of underactuated manipulators
K. Izumi, K. Ichida, K. Watanabe
PID landing orbit motion controller for an indoor blimp robot
T. Takaya, H. Kawamura, Y. Minagawa, M. Yamamoto, A. Ohuchi
Graph construction with the maximum number of trees by continuous edge addition
H. Ido, Y. Ohama, T. Takahashi
Graph extension with constant connectivity
H. Ido, S. Omatsu
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