Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume4 - 1999


Invited Articles
Grasping impact force control of a flexible robotic gripper using a piezoelectric actuator
W. Yim, W. R. Wells
An adaptive classifier system tree for extending genetics-based machine learning in a dynamic environment
D. Hu, R. Jiang, Y. Luo
Dynamic bidirectional associative memory using chaotic neurons
J.-J. Lee
Ola-what goes up must fall down: emergent Mexican wave behavior
H. H. Lund, J. A. Arendt, J. Fredslund, L. Pagliarini
Learning algorithms in a class of knowledge-based systems
Z. Bubnicki
Original Articles
Intelligent fault-tolerant system of vibration control for flexible structures
M. Isogai, F. Arai, T. Fukuda
Generation of jumping motion pattern for a hopping robot using genetic algorithm
Y. Yoshida, T. Kamano, T. Yasuno, T. Suzuki, Y. Kataoka
Speech recognition using a stereo vision neural network model
T. Kitazoe, S.-I. Kim, T. Ichiki
Generating novel memories by integration of chaotic neural network modules
A. Sano
An immune system model for the generation of self-tolerance and memory
Y. Kashimori, Y. Ochi, S. Inoue, T. Kambara


Original Articles
An adaptive associative memory system based on autonomous reaction between image memories
Y. Kinouchi, M. Mizutani, S. Inabayashi, A. Satou, F. Shouji
The degree of human visual attention in the visual search
H. Mizuhara, J.-L. Wu, Y. Nishikawa
Human visual and auditory characteristics in the temporal frequency domain
J.-L. Wu, O. Nobuki
Introduction of a biochemical allosteric property for creating a new electronic signal transmission system under the time-minimum optimization
H. Hirayama, Y. Okita
A new learning method using prior information of neural networks
B. Lu, K. Hirasawa, J. Murata, J. Hu
A description of dynamic behavior of sensory/motor systems with fuzzy symbolic dynamic systems
I. Takeuchi, T. Furuhashi
Artificial realization of human on-off decision making based on the conditional probability of a database
M. Nakamura, S. Goto, T. Sugi
Improved genetic algorithm for generalized transportation problem
M. Gen, J. Choi, K. Ida
Evolving complex group behaviors using genetic programming with fitness switching
B.-T. Zhang, D.-Y. Cho
Cooperative exploration of distributed worlds in WAVE
P.S. Sapaty
Orientation by weighted randomness
S. Reimann, A. Mansour


Original Articles
BizSim: the world of business in a box
J. L. Casti
Evolving robot morphology and control
C. Mautner, R.K. Belew
Robot populations and their controlled evolution
D. J. G. James, V. G. Rumchev
Bottom-up development of multicellular digital organisms
Y.-G. Zhang, M. Sugisaka, X. Wu
Winning strategies for robotics wars: defense applications of linguistic geometry
B. Stilman, V. Yakhnis, O. Umansky
Intelligent control of a robot manipulator by visual feedback
S.-H. Han, J.-I. Bae, M.-H. Lee
A polynomial fuzzy neural network for modeling and control
S. Kim, M.H. Lee
A fuzzy model to control the temperature in the cooling of metal molds with a spray robot
T. Sakamoto, K. Kuribayashi, K. Murakami
Information transformation by virus-evolutionary genetic programming
N. Kubota, F. Kojima, S. Hashimoto, T. Fukuda


Introduction to the special issue for human-friendly rehabilitation/medical robotic systems
J.-J. Lee
Invited articles
Immersive user environments in rehabilitation robotics and mechatronics
H. F. M. Van der Loos
Wearable master device for spinal injured persons as a control device for motorized wheelchairs
K. Lee, D.-S. Kwon
An overview of the development of Handy 1, a rehabilitation robot to assist the severely disabled
M. Topping
On pattern classification of EMG signals for walking motions
H.-L. Choi, H.-J. Byun, W.-G. Song, J.-W. Son, J.-T. Lim
Some aspects of human-friendly control for movement-helping devices
D.H. Stefanov, Z. Bien, W.-K. Song, J.-S. Han
Walking-support robot system for walking rehabilitation: design and control
C.-Y. Lee, J.-J. Lee
Functional electrical stimulation
Y. Shimada, S. Ando, S. Chida
Design of an auditory guidance system for the blind with signal transformation from stereo ultrasonic to binaural audio
Y. J. Kim, C.-H. Kim, B. K. Kim
Assistant force compensation for hard movement of patients by using exogenous signals and/or neurophysiological signals
O. Bai, M. Nakamura, H. Shibasaki
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