Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume3 - 1998


Original Articles
Neuroscience of the mechanisms of mind and behavior
M. Ito
Design of an artificial brain for robots
M. Sugisaka
Risk, simulation, and the insurance industry
J. L. Casti
Molecular insights into evolution
P. Schuster
Brain computing
G. Matsumoto
An artificial stock market
R. G. Palmer, W. B. Arthur, J. H. Holland, B. LeBaron
Intelligent robotic systems: adaptation, learning, and evolution
T. Fukuda, N. Kubota
Development of micro-robot system for playing soccer games
J.-J. Lee
Bio-infomatic activity modeling for human-artifacts symbiosis under resource boundedness
T. Sawaragi, O. Katai
Y. Fujita
Future of the observable universe


Original Articles
A study on optimal motion of a biped locomotion machine
K. Tsujita, K. Tsuchiya, Y. Kawano
Developing an artificial retina by evolution cellular automata and self-organizing neural networks
X. Wu, Y. Zhang, M. Sugisaka
Bicriteria network design using a spanning tree-based genetic algorithm
J. R. Kim, M. Gen, K. Ida
Hitting robot with a flexible link hammer
T. Izumi, H. Zhou
Dynamic control of redundant manipulators using the artificial potential field approach with time scaling
Y. Tanaka, T. Tsuji, M. Kaneko
An approach to the emergent design theory and applications
S. Kitamura, Y. Kakuda, H. Tamaki
Learning control of autonomous robots using an instance-based classifier generator in continuous state space
M. Svinin, K. Kuroyama, Y. Nakamura, K. Ueda
Adaptive locomotion to periodic perturbation. Adaptation mechanism with coupling of oscillator and link dynamics
S. Ito, H. Yuasa, Z.-W. Luo, M. Ito, D. Yanagihara
An insect robot controlled by the emergence of gait patterns
K. Akimoto, S. Watanabe, M. Yano
Evolving neural controllers that elicit nontrivial behaviors using a developmental process
A. Ishiguro, H. Iwaki, A. Fujii, Y. Uchikawa
Intelligence based on adaptive control
S. Shin
Intelligence based on neuro-control
S. Omatsu, M. Yoshioka
A scaling law between the number of multirobots and their task performance
K. Sugawara, I. Yoshihara, K. Abe


Original Articles
The species fitness method for the evolution of cooperative behavior in a group task
T. Yamaguchi, M. Kitahashi, M. Yachida
Computational evolution of human bipedal walking by a neuro-musculo-skeletal model
K. Hase, N. Yamazaki
Genetic algorithms (GAS) to evolve multiple-agent cooperative systems
M. Sugisaka, X. Wang, J.-J. Lee
Development of STORK, a watermelon-harvesting robot
M. Umeda, S. Kubota, M. Iida
Modeling and complexity in neural networks
K. Aihara, N. Ichinose
Uncertain variables and learning algorithms in knowledge-based control system
Z. Bubnicki
Initial configuration dependence in a self-organizing robot
K. Izumi, K. Watanabe, H. Tamura, Y. Ikeda
Sliding mode cooperative motion control of dual arm manipulators
W. Yim, M. Selvarajan, W. R. Wells
Implementation of multilayer neural network with threshold neurons its analysis
K. Sato, H. Hikawa
Art, consciousness and artificial life
R. Ascott
Artistic communication for A-life and robotics
N. Tosa
Communications, artificial life, and art
R. Nakatsu
Hovering control of model helicopter by vision
C.-U. Kang, T. Ishimatsu, Y. Shimomoto, J. Satake


Original Articles
Toward an information-integrated control system the control-theoretic view of intelligent control technology
S. Kawaji, N. Matsunaga, M. Arao
On mixed-level real-time hardware evolutionary systems
H. Hemmi, T. Hikage, K. Shimohara
Learning and relocation capabilities of a CAM-brain machine
H. Hemmi, K. Shinozawa, T. Hikage, K. Shimohara
Modeling and complexity: the control engineering point of view
H. Kimura
Cognitive robotics: a new approach to artificial intelligence
T. Christaller
A new look at metabolism-repair systems a living system on screen
Y. Zhang, M. Sugisaka, C. Xu
Robot football, artificial life, and complexity
J. Johnson
Improving vehicle performance using adaptive control techniques
D. J. G. James, K. J. Burnham, M. J. Richardson, R. A. Williams
Evolvability of machines and tapes
T. Ikegami
A general theory of a class of linear neural nets for principal and minor component analysis
K. Matsuoka
Negatively correlated neural networks for classification
Y. Liu, X. Yao
The application of a neurocomputer for a control problem
M. Sugisaka, Z.-J. Liu
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