Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume1 - 1996


Artificial life and robotics < Message from the editor-in-chief >
M. Sugisaka
Congratulatory address to the international symposium
A. Nomura
Congratulatory address to the international symposium
K. Iida
Information versus matter
J. L. Casti
Artificial life and robotics
S. Ueno
Invited Papers
Would-be worlds: toward a theory of complex systems
J. L. Casti
Feature extraction from EEGs associated with emotions
T. Musha, Y. Terasaki
Evolving complexity
T. S. Ray
Insect-model-based microrobot
H. Miura, T. Yasuda
Artificial societies and generative social science
J. M. Epstein, R. Axtell
Original Papers
Artificial evolution and real robots
I. Harvey
A local motion planner for car-like robots in a cluttered environment
S.-G. Hong, J. J. Lee
Design principles for autonomous agents: a case study of classification
R. Pfeifer
Neurocomputer control in an artificial brain for tracking moving objects
M. Sugisaka


Original Papers
Artificial realization of humen skill for contour control of robot manipulator
M. Nakamura, S. Goto, N. Kyura
A fuzzy-logic approach to industrial control problems
D. J. G. James, K. J. Burnham
Design of a complex system based on the maximum entropy principle
K. Tsuchiya, K. Tsujita
Fast pattern recognition using a neurocomputer
M. Sugisaka
A self-organizing video neuro-tracker
C. G. Looney
Artificial retina chips for image processing
K. Kyuma, Y. Nitta, Y. Miyake
Evolution of locally defined learning rules and their coodination in feedforward neural networks
H. Murao, S. Kitamura
Aspects of non-cartesian robotics
T. Gomi


Original Papers
Spontaneous behavior for cooperation through interaction : an emotionally intelligent robot system
T. Shibata, K. Ohkawa, K. Tanie
Self-assembly method for mechanical structure
S. Murata, H. Kurokawa, K. Tomita, S. Kokaji
Reinforcement learning of dynamic behavior by using recurrent neural netwaworks
A. Onat, H. Kita, Y. Nishikawa
Evaluation of robust control by universal learning networks
M. Ohbayashi, K. Hirasawa, J. Murata
A self-organization learning algorithm for visuo-motor coordination in unstructured environments
H. Zha, T. Onitsuka, T. Nagata
Autonomous micro-robot “Kity” for maze contest
J.-H. Kim, M.-J. Jung, H.-S. Shim, S.-W. Lee
Auto-navigation of a wheelchair
H. Wang, C.-U. Kang, T. Ishimatsu, T. Ochiai
Fine motion strategy for skill-based manipulation
A. Nakamura, T. Ogasawara, T. Suehiro, H. Tsukune
Hardware-based neural identification : linear dynamical systems
M. Sugisaka, S. Motomura, T. Kitaguchi, T. Furuta, H. Eguchi


Original Papers
Building ears for robots: sound localization and separation
J. Huang, N. Ohnishi, N. Sugie
Neural filtering method for stationary signal processes
M. Sugisaka
Fault diagnosis of a logical circuit by use of a pseudorandom signal and a neural network
H. Kashiwagi, M. Sakata
Optimization of growth of peptide cain by ribosomes on messenger RNA
H. Hirayama, Y. Okita, Y. Fukuyama
A step toward a human - robot cooperative system
M. Ishii, H. Saita
Control strategy for an intelligent mobile vehicle
M. Sugisaka, X. Wang, J.-J. Lee
Hardware evolution -a real “life on the silicon”
H. Hemmi, K. Shimohara
Deadlock resolution using hand-to-hand motion
H. Ishihara, T. Fukuda, N. Hiraoka
Experimental study on autonomous mobile robot acquiring optiml action to avoid moving obstacles
T. Aoki, T. Oka, S. Hayakawa, T. Suzuki, S. Okuma
Symbolic chemical system based on abstract rewriting system and its behavior pattern
T. Suzuki, H. Tanaka
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