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Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume9 - 2004


Plenary Talk
Interacting with the real world: design principles for intelligent systems
R. Pfeifer*, G. Gomez1
Original Articles
Evaluation of vibration in many positions by SOM
N. Kamimoto*, Y. Yamada, M. Kitamura, K. Nishikawa7
Statistical micromechanical method for dynamic kinetic binary interaction among moderate dense gene-regulating bio-molecules
H. Hirayama*12
Quality of cascade operations control based on uncertain variables
D. Orski*32
Trajectory estimation of a moving object using Kohonen networks
S.J. Kim*, J.H. Lee, J.M. Lee36
A design of digital adaptive control systems for space robot manipulators using a transpose of the generalized Jacobian matrix
Y. Taira*, S. Sagara41
Acoustic signal separation of mechanical devices using ICA with band-pass filters
B. Wang*, S. Omatu46
A study on constructing a neuro-interface using the concept of a virtual master-slave system
R. Syam, K. Watanabe*, K. Izumi51
Implications of the ability to learn simple actions on the efficiency of the evolution of social behavior of agents
I. Tanev*, K. Shimohara58
Modelling artificial life by attributed eco-array grammars
A. Binder, R. Freund*, M. Oswald63


Original Articles
Acrobot control by learning the switching of multiple controllers
J. Yoshimoto*, M. Nishimura, Y. Tokita, S. Ishii67
Construction of a classifier using AdaBoost for information filtering
H. Yanagimoto*, S. Omatu72
A study of a parallelized immune coevolutionary algorithm for division-of-labor problems
N. Toma*, S. Endo, K. Yamada76
Short-term memory circuit using hardware ring neural networks
N. Sasano, K. Saeki*, Y. Sekine81
Separating visual information into position and direction by two inhibitory connected SOMs
N. Oshiro*, K. Kurata86
Driving control of an AGV for an automated container terminal using an immunized PID controller based on cell-mediated immunity
Y.J. Lee*, J.H. Suh, J.W. Lee, K.S. Lee90
Self-organizing mechanism of biosystems: asymmetric density ratio of purine and pyrimidine in RNA
K. Naitoh*96
Three-dimensional multiinkdot automata
T. Makino, H. Okabe, S. Taniguchi, M. Sakamoto*, K. Inoue99


Original Articles
Information recommendation using ICA
T. Yokoi*, H. Yanagimoto, S. Omatu103
Application of a neural network to the generation of a robot arm trajectory
S. Imajo, M. Konishi*, T. Nishi, J. Imai107
Fault diagnostic of induction motors for equipment reliability and health maintenance based upon Fourier and wavelet analysis
H. Imai, Y. -T. Kim, S.-H. Lee, S. Kim*, M. H. Lee112
Evolution of side-winding locomotion of simulated limbless, wheelless robots
I. Tanev*, T. Ray117
Chemotaxis of a eukaryotic cell in complex gradients of chemoattractants
S. I. Nishimura, M. Sasai*123
Fast incremental learning methods inspired by biological learning behavior
K. Yamaguchi*, T. Ohara, T. Omori128
Edge detection and curvature calculation in the visual system
S. Nishimura*, K. Tokunaga135
Spatial strategies in a generalized spatial prisoner's dilemma
Y. Ishida*, T. Mori139
Computational dynamics method for evaluating the mobility of charged biomolecules passing through the electrical potential field within the ion selective channel on an excitable membrane
H. Hirayama. T. Itoh*, Y. Nakaki, T. Yoshida144


Plenary Talk
Playware technology for physically activating play
H. H. Lund*, T. Klitbo, C. Jessen165
Designing manipulative technologies for children with different abilities
H. H. Lund*, P. Marti175
Original Articles
Neural network approach to acquiring free-gait motion of quadruped robots in obstacle avoidance
T. Yamaguchi*, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi188
Repulsive delayed random walk
T. Ohira*, T. Hosaka194
ATR artificial brain project: 2004 progress report
A. Buller*, M. Joachimczak, J. Liu, K. Shimohara197
Chemical Genetic Programming - evolutionary optimization of the genotype-to-phenotype translation set
W. Piaseczny*, H. Suzuki, H. Sawai202
Automatic optimal-adaptive air-cooling system for brain hypothermia treatment
H. Wakamatsu*, L. Gaohua209
Designing emergent cooperation: a pursuit-evasion game case study
G. Nitschke*222
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