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Artificial Life and Robotics

Artificial Life and Robotics Volume8 - 2003


Plenary Talk
A new artificial life body: biologically inspired dynamic bipedal humanoid robots
M. Sugisaka*, K. Imamura, K. Tokuda, M. Masuda1
Original Articles
Separating visual information into position and direction by SOM
K. Kurata*, N. Oshiro5
Backward control of multitrailer systems using neurocontrollers evolved by a genetic algorithm
A. Kiyuna*, H. Kinjo, K. Nakazono, T. Yamamoto9
Control of a nonholonomic mobile robot using an RBF network
C. Oh*, M.-S. Kim, J.-J. Lee14
Moving object detection using region tracking
E.Y. Song*, J.-J. Lee20
Intelligent control for the vision-based indoor navigation of an A-life mobile robot
J. Wang*, H. Kimura, M. Sugisaka29
Communication device to use an acceleration sensor for the seriously disabled
Y. Fukuda, M. Tanaka, A. Yoshimochi, T. Ishimatsu*34
3-D analysis of functional instabilities of the ankle using digital still cameras
S.J. Kang, S. Yokoyama, N. Matsuzaka, N. Hatano, T. Kobayashi, R. Touma, T. Ishimatsu*38
Muscle stiffness sensor to control an assistance device for the disabled
S. Moromugi*, Y. Koujina, S. Ariki, A. Okamoto, T. Tanaka, M.Q. Feng, T. Ishimatsu42
Chemical genetic algorithms - a coevolutionary method to optimize code translation in GAS
H. Suzuki*, H. Sawai46
DOM/XML-based portable genetic representation of the morphology, behavior and communication abilities of evolvable agents
l.T. Tanev*52
Universal constructor to build a Tierran machine structure
S. Matsuzaki*, H. Suzuki, M. Osano57
A Iogical method of cell-based molecular computation using the pathways regulated by Rho family GTPases
J.-Q. Liu*, K. Shimohara62
Network-based hybrid genetic algorithm for scheduling in FMS environments
K.W. Kim*, G. Yamazaki, L. Lin, M. Gen67
Application of a neuro-fuzzy system to control a mobile vehicle
M. Sugisaka, F. Dai*, H. Kimura77
Can a robot empathize with people?
H. Kozima*, C. Nakagawa, H. Yano83
From q-cell to artificial brain
A. Buller*89
Space and time sensor fusion using an active camera for mobile robot navigation
T.-S. Jin*, K.-S. Lee, J.-M. Lee95


Plenary Talk
Intelligent robots as artificial living creatures
T. Fukuda*, Y. Hasegawa, H. Kajima101
Original Articles
Stabilization of linear time-invariant systems with periodic communication constraints by output sample hold control
N. Takahashi*, M. Kono111
Similarity-based image retrieval system using partitioned iterated function system codes
T. Yokoyama*, K. Sugawara, T. Watanabe118
Floorplan design problem using improved genetic algorithm
Y. Kimura, K. Ida*123
Adaptive communication among collaborative agents: preliminary results with symbol grounding
Y. Lee, J. Riggle, T. C. Collier, E. Stabler, C. E. Taylor*127
A reliable method for classification of bank notes using artificial neural networks
A. Ahmadi*, S. Omatu, T. Kosaka, T. Fujinaka133
Quality evaluation of transmission devices using the GA with FP
B. Wang*, S. Omatu, T. Fujinaka140
Neural network based expectation learning in perception control: learning and control with unreliable sensory system
S. A. Guirnaldo*, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi, K. Kiguchi147
Control of three degrees-of-freedom underactuated manipulator using fuzzy based switching
L. Udawatta*, K. Watanabe, K. Izumi K. Kiguchi153
Implementing distributed control system for intelligent mobile robot
A.A. Loukianov, H. Kimura, M. Sugisaka*159
Mutual tests using immunity-based diagnostic mobile agents in distributed intrusion detection systems
Y. Watanabe*, Y. Ishida163
A multimodal neural network with single-state predictions for protein secondary structure
H. Zhu*, t. Yoshihara, K. Yamamori, M. Yasunaga168
Solution of multiobjective optimization problems: coevolutionary algorithm based on evolutionary game theory
K.-B. Sim*, J.-Y. Kim174
P Automata with membrane channels
R. Freund, M. Oswald*186
Analysis of the Hodgkin-Huxley equations with noise: the effects of noise on chaotic neurodynamics
H. Tanaka*, K. Aihara190
Study on a new and effective fuzzy PID ship autopilot
M.-D. Le*, S.-H. Nguyen, L.-A. Nguyen197
Extraction of quantitative and image information from flame images of steam boiler burners
H. Bae*, S. Kim, M. H. Lee202
Performance evaluation system for probabilistic neural network hardware
N. Aibe, R. Mizuno, M. Nakamura. M. Yasunaga*, l. Yoshihara208
Adaptive control of brain temperature for brain hypothermia treatment using Stolwijk-Hardy model
H. Wakamatsu*, L. Oaohua214
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